KOKO's Big Brother Season 1

This will be a game of Big Brother, with some twist.
10 contestants will enter the house, but only 1 will win.
*Expect the Unexpected*

Season 1 Contestants

1. Ddkawesome (DJ)
2. Giovannimaxroma (Giovanni)
3. DripTeeJay (TJ)
4. Ouijake (Jake)
5. SerenityFirefly (Jordan)
6. Pudrulz (Jordan)
7. Eagles3256 (Tyler)
8. Cowboyfan86 (David)

Week 1 Recap
HOH is Jake.
Jake has chosen to nominate Kaleb + David
Giovanni won the POV and chose to use it on Kaleb.
Jake has decided to nominate Tyler.
TJ received a secret power during the POV comp.

Week 2 Recap
Eagles has won the VIP Suite and his plus 1 is Jake. Those 2 are safe from being nominated this week.
Jake has nominated Jordan and Kaleb.
Kaleb won the POV and removed himself off the block.
DJ has chosen TJ as his new nominee.
TJ has chosen to use his Power, and he is now safe from the block.
The finals noms for week 2 are Jordan and Giovanni.
Jordan had been evicted.

Week 3
Jake has self evicted.
HOH is Tyler.
Tyler has chosen to nom Jordan + DJ.
Tyler has used the POV. He has replaced Jordan with Gio.

Featured Players 5 playing

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POV Comp #3
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Week 2 Eviction !
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