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55 days 15 hours ago
💎 Welcome back to Haut Monde!!! We are excited to say that Episode 2 will be coming very very soon and this time we have decided on a date but we still would like to know if you guys will be available on these days or not because if a huge amount of you cannot then we can reconsider when to host it! Things are getting busy for us but we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer!

Episode 2 Start Date:

★ (October) Fri 9 - Sun 11, 5PM EST ★

Please let us know in this forum if this is ok for you or if we can work around it in anyway ect! But we are excited to continue and we hope to see the majority of you there! <3 💎

55 days 14 hours ago
I can make it
55 days 14 hours ago
I can make it
55 days 14 hours ago
To my knowledge I can be there and be more active than the previous episode
55 days 14 hours ago
i think i can make it, Not too sure though
55 days 12 hours ago
I should be there I may be late though
55 days 12 hours ago
i should be able to make it!
55 days 8 hours ago
I can.
55 days 6 hours ago
I think I can make it
55 days 5 hours ago
I believe so
55 days ago
Ill be there
54 days 23 hours ago
54 days 22 hours ago
Not really ideal, since I need to study for an exam that whole weekend.
54 days 18 hours ago
Maybe not the Friday, but the weekend for sure~!
54 days 16 hours ago
Oh, and I guess Degrassi's also going on at the same time, so I *really* ain't sure if I can be there. Or on either for the matter.
54 days 16 hours ago
My issue is that posting time for me is night, so Sunday night is a big ask.. I may pop on but not for long.

The rest of the week is fine for me!

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