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♠ EPISODE 1: Born For This ♠

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313 days 13 hours ago


313 days 13 hours ago
Thank you EVERYONE for being like very active for this first episode! We may not have been the cleanest hosts we understand that haha 😅 but we do hope you’ve had a fun first episode! There’s lots more to come and the closing scenes will come in an hour or two so stay alert for those! But once again we would just like to say a great thank you for the amount of activeness that took place, we didn’t think we would reach this many posts but we are very grateful! ❤️❤️❤️
313 days 13 hours ago
[Wow! What a first episode lol! Personally I'd like to thank everybody who showed up ♡ You guys are amazing! ♡♡]
313 days 13 hours ago
~ NOVEMBER 10TH, 2018 ~

*Mrs Weaver is in her hospital bed, finally waking up from being in a COMA, in a full body cast, her face completely messed up*


*At Pentágono International Mr Ruiz plays a video message from Mrs Weaver to the class*

- I am deeply missing every single one of you. And I will be in here for a WHILE so I thought I’d let you know that you should all just keep pushing and moving on! You can achieve anything you want to achieve! Oh and ALSO, Daniel Cunningham and Darius Knightly you have both been suspended for 2 weeks starting from today. -

*the video ends*

*Daniel and Darius glare at each other and leave class*


*Abaddon, Mateo and Martina are at their lockers*

Abaddon: “It’s so sad what happened to Mrs Weaver.”

Martina: “Meh. At least we can do whatever we want in school now.”

Mateo: “Martina, nows not the time. I feel so bad for Darius...”


*Jasper is walking with SAGE down the hallway*

Sage: “I can’t believe Darius is being suspended. He doesn’t deserve this...”

*Jasper rolls his eyes*

Jasper: “I’m sure you’ll be fine being away from him for five MINUTES.” *Jasper smiles*

*Silas walks over to Camille*

Silas: “Hey! I can’t believe we still can’t go to the mall at’s been almost a month.”

Camille: “It was a VERY hard fall. They’re probably still cleaning up the blood.”

*Silas and Camille both shiver at the thought of it*


*Milo, Henley, Henry and William are grouped up outside of school*

Henley: “How hasn’t Mr Ruiz been fired yet.”

Milo: “He’s such a bad he fell into Mrs Weaver how comes he got out of this clean.”

*William and Henry both shrug*


*Genny is messaging her mom when she bumps into Elias and Tae*

Genny: “Sorry!”

Tae: “Haha don’t worry about it! Who’re you messaging?”

Genny: “Oh just my mom about school and stuff.”

Eli: “I’m surprised your mom wants to know about how messed up this school is.”

*they all laugh and walk out of school*


*Jacob is on his motorbike, smoking*

Jacob: “How much more shit can Daniel actually get into this year...”
313 days 13 hours ago
*a flash forward to the same scene at the start of the episode plays again*

~ JULY 25TH, 2019 ~

*It’d be a sunny day in Miami as cars are roaming down the freeway, the scenery of the sub-tropical location is showcased. The exterior of the school is shown as night would fall, a young man would be seen walking down the hallway of Pentagano International School. He’d be breathing hard, looking somewhat suspicious. He’d look around his surroundings before quickly walking into the pool room, having the door slam behind him.*

*It’d be eerily quiet. He’d look around as the sounds of the pool water splashing against the pool wall would be heard.*

DANIEL: Hello? I’m uh…here. You told me to meet you at 9PM in the pool room. It’s 9 and I’m here.

*Nobody would respond. The room would be apparently empty. He’d sigh, pulling out his phone to check the time as he’d begin texting an unknown number.*

-Where the fuck are you? I’m here. If someone where to catch me in here, I’m DEAD. -

*He’d sigh, locking his phone and lightly tapping his phone into his palm. He’d sigh, looking at his reflection in the pool water. His phone would light up as the unknown number would reply.*

-Shocker! The headmasters grandson actually can get in trouble? You didn’t get the attention and punishment you deserve for what you were going to do to me. You’re going to get it now. -

*He’d look confused as a shadow behind him would be seen in the pool reflection. Without him being able to turn around, he’d be hit in the back of his head with an unknown object. The boy would moan in pain, as his head would be bleeding, he’d limp on the ground, turning around & looking shocked.*

DANIEL: My god. Look, wait-wait! I just wanna remind you. Before you do something this STUPID. I’m the headmasters grandson. I’M INVINCIBLE. You can’t touch me. Everyone will know it was you.

*The silhouette of the unknown person’s head would cock, apparently thinking as the boy would get up, attempting to attack the unknown assailant. As the figure would hit him in the face, very hard as the boy would grunt, falling into the pool, face first. The pool would be getting filled with the boys blood as the unknown figure would begin drenching the pool room, including the pool with ethanol, also known as invisible fire.*

*The figure would walk out of the pool room, looking back in and light a match, throwing it into the room. The room would fill up with a very opaque blue flame and would be smokeless as the pool room would set ablaze.*


*The figure would rush away from the pool area and run into someone*

???: “Shit! I- you-“ *the figure would begin to cry*

UNKNOWN: “What’s wrong? Did something happen...”

???: “I- I-...I killed him..”

UNKNOWN: “...killed who?...”

???: “Daniel...he’s...dead!!!”

UNKNOWN: “Holy shit. I have to say something!”

???: “NO! Don’t even think about it.”

UNKNOWN: “I have to say something about this...if Daniel is dead someone needs to know, now!”

???: “If you say ANYTHING I’ll make sure to spill everything I know about you and you’ll go down WITH me...”

313 days 12 hours ago
(Oops I had this open and I've totes been sat here browsing znd watching netflix all night thinking im forgetting something lol
313 days 12 hours ago
313 days 12 hours ago
Sorry for not being active :/ I’ll try next episode. My SATS are coming uP, so I’ve been studying and worrying. They got postponed last year due to COVID
313 days 12 hours ago
I'm vibing to all songs btw, live me some new music to check out!
313 days 12 hours ago
I'll be more active next episode. Been busy with work lately.
313 days 8 hours ago
wow this was so iconic

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