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♠ EPISODE 1: Born For This ♠

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315 days 16 hours ago
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

-Confucius (504 B.C)

~ JULY 25TH, 2019 ~

*It’d be a sunny day in Miami as cars are roaming down the freeway, the scenery of the sub-tropical location is showcased. The exterior of the school is shown as night would fall, a young man would be seen walking down the hallway of Pentagano International School. He’d be breathing hard, looking somewhat suspicious. He’d look around his surroundings before quickly walking into the pool room, having the door slam behind him.*

*It’d be eerily quiet. He’d look around as the sounds of the pool water splashing against the pool wall would be heard.*

BOY: Hello? I’m uh…here. You told me to meet you at 9PM in the pool room. It’s 9 and I’m here.

*Nobody would respond. The room would be apparently empty. He’d sigh, pulling out his phone to check the time as he’d begin texting an unknown number.*

-Where the fuck are you? I’m here. If someone where to catch me in here, I’m DEAD. -

*He’d sigh, locking his phone and lightly tapping his phone into his palm. He’d sigh, looking at his reflection in the pool water. His phone would light up as the unknown number would reply.*

-Shocker! The headmasters grandson actually can get in trouble? You didn’t get the attention and punishment you deserve for what you were going to do to me. You’re going to get it now. -

*He’d look confused as a shadow behind him would be seen in the pool reflection. Without him being able to turn around, he’d be hit in the back of his head with an unknown object. The boy would moan in pain, as his head would be bleeding, he’d limp on the ground, turning around & looking shocked.*

BOY: My god. Look, wait-wait! I just wanna remind you. Before you do something this STUPID. I’m the headmasters grandson. I’M INVINCIBLE. You can’t touch me. Everyone will know it was you.

*The silhouette of the unknown person’s head would cock, apparently thinking as the boy would get up, attempting to attack the unknown assailant. As the figure would hit him in the face, very hard as the boy would grunt, falling into the pool, face first. The pool would be getting filled with the boys blood as the unknown figure would begin drenching the pool room, including the pool with ethanol, also known as invisible fire.*

*The figure would walk out of the pool room, looking back in and light a match, throwing it into the room. The room would fill up with a very opaque blue flame and would be smokeless as the pool room would set ablaze.*

*A voice over of an unrecognisable gender would begin speaking.*

???: “When I was young, my knowledge of revenge was as simple as Sunday School proverbs it hid behind. Neat, little… morality slogans like “do unto others” and “two wrongs don’t make a right” But… two wrongs can never make a right, because two wrongs can never equal each other. For the TRULY wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: absolute forgiveness or moral vindication. I never was one for religious beliefs or payed attention in Catholic Church. This is not a tale of forgiveness.”

315 days 16 hours ago
~ AUGUST 21ST, 2018 ~

NARRATOR: "As the sun shines down on the small, poor city named [name], two weeks before the new school year, a barrage of teens and young adults can be seen living their daily lives - unaware of what the future holds - or the darkness that is about to enter their lives...."


8The scene cuts to someone doing dangerous stunts on their bike, sourrounded by a crowd of gawking spectators. As the boy flips the motorcycle, screams of excitement and joy can be heard as he makes a perfect landing.*

*As the man gets off the bike, his adoring fans crowd around him, but a small boy holding something in his hands pushes himself to the front of the crowd.*

BOY: "A man in a suit left this for you, Mr. Collins."

*Elias Collins takes off his helmet and takes the letter from the boy. Tearing it open, he reads it out loud, forgetting all about his fans.*

ELI: "Dearest Recipient - Congratulations!"


*A couple of blocks further, a young girl with braids walks quickly down the street, standing out in her expensive clothes. She is holding two bags marked "Versace" and keeps looking over her shoulder.*

*As Camille Collins finally arrives at her front door, she breathes a sigh of relief after having not being caught shoplifting again. Before she goes in, she picks up the daily mail left at the front door, showing particular interest in an envelope addressed directly to her. *

*Throwing her bags on the couch and lying on her bed, she takes the letter out and reads it aloud to herself.*

CAMILLE: "...Due to the recent collapse of [name] Public School, a select group of gifted youths, including yourself, have been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime!..."


Across town, in a small wooden house, Mateo Daddario is sitting on his bed, busy typing up a storm on his laptop. His sister, Martina Daddario, is smoking a cigarette by the window.

MATEO: "Holy shit..." *he mumbles.*

*Martina turns to him, concerned.*

MARTINA: "What? Do you need me to beat another bitch up for you?"

*Mateo blinks.*

MATEO: "What? No! I just got a scholarship to go to Pentágono International!"

*Martina gasps, before squealing and hugging him.*

MARTINA: "I'm so proud of you, hijo!"

*Mateo skims through the email.*

MATEO: "I don't see your name though.... but don't worry hija I'm sure we can convince these rich people to give you a scholarship too!"

*Martina nods happily, taking the laptop and reading the email.*

MARTINA: "...You have been awarded a one year renewable scholarship to the most prestigious academy in the country - Pentágono International Academy!..."


*Genevieve “Genny” Chevrolet is sitting in her apartment located in a nicer part of town. Her parents are busy preparing dinner while Genny tries to follow along to an English tutorial video on YouTube.*

*She sighs, finally giving up and shutting the laptop, rubbing her temples.*

*Mumbling to herself, Genny decides to go get a drink of water before her phone gets a notification. As she walks to the kitchen, she takes her phone out to read the email.*

*Genny's eyes widen as she rushes back into her room, pulling out a French-to-English dictionary and translating the email.*

GENNY: "...At the end of the school year, you will be given the choice to either return to your rebuilt school or renew your scholarship at Pentágono International..."


*A couple of blocks up the street, at the Diamond Mall, Sage Ing can be seen sitting by the counter as her mother sells expensive jewellery to expensive customers.*

*Sage's mother casts a glance at her.* SAGE’S MOM: “My goodness, Sage. Your eyes are always on that phone!"

*Sage rolls her eyes.*

SAGE: "I'm just texting Darius. He says he thinks they're gonna be handing out some new scholarships this year."

*Sage's mother raises an eyebrow.*
SAGE’S MOM: “Did you get your renewal letter yet?"

*Sage nods.*

SAGE: "Got it last week."

SAGE’S MOM: “What did it say?"

*Sage shrugs.*

SAGE: "Same thing they say every year. Lemme read it to you."

*Sage takes the letter out of her bag and reads it aloud.*

SAGE: "...However, be warned, your scholarship will not be renewed for free. The cost of a new scholarship at the end of the year is for you to be a perfectly rounded student at our Academy - both academically and physically..."


*Right outside of Ing Jewellery Store, Abaddon Azriel Ableson is sitting bored at the Food Court waiting for his friends Mateo and Martina Daddario to show up.*

*Suddenly, he recieves a message on his phone.*

MATEO: -sry bud can't make it. celebrating with the fam-

*Abaddon groans, replying.*
-Sure np. What's the occasion?-

MATEO: -just got a scholarship to pentágono int!-

ABADDON: -Holy shit bro congrats!-

*Just as Abaddon is about to get up and leave, he hears his name being called on the intercom.*


*Furrowing his brow, Abaddon collects his things and goes to the main receptionist, introducing himself. She shrugs and hands him a letter.*

RECEPTIONIST: "Someone left this for you."

*Looking around, he can see three other people reading through their letters too. Even more confused now, Abaddon tears the letter open and reads it.*

ABADDON: "...Additionally, every student who wishes to attend our prestigious academy must show the qualities of a future leader. This includes socialization, kindness and most importantly a good reputation..."


*Paisley Birkhart was having a regular day at the Mall before she suddenly heard her name being called on the intercom. Shrugging, she walks over to the main receptionist, bumping into Silas Li and Henry De La Terra.*

PAISLEY: "Uh, hi. I heard my name being called?"

SILAS: "Yeah, me too."

HENRY: "I wonder what's going on. Did you guys shoplift or something?"

*Pailsey furrowes her brow.*

PAISLEY: “I most certainly did not!"

*Rolling his eyes, Silas walks over to the receptionist.*

SILAS: “Excuse me, Miss. We heard our names being called?"

*The receptionist pops her gum before pointing to a stack of four letters.*

RECEPTIONIST: A guy left these for you."

*The three teens collect their respective letters and exchange glances, before Henry shrugs and opens his. Paisley and Silas follow suit.*

HENRY: "...And so, within two weeks time, you will officially begin to attend Pentágono International Academy..."

PAISLEY: "....Where no dream is too small, and every opportunity is accessible..."

SILAS: "...We do look forward to seeing you. Yours faithfully, Mrs. K. Weaver - Headmistress."

*The three teens exchange more looks.*
315 days 16 hours ago
~ SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2018 ~

*Daniel, Darius and Jacob enter the doors of Pentágono International School*

DANIEL: “Man it’s good to be back!”

JACOB: “I swear its gotten even bigger since last year.” *he looks around*

DARIUS: “Right? I’ve missed living this life every day.”

JACOB: “I can’t wait to see if there’s any new hot rich girls joining.”

*Daniel smiles and fist bumps him*

DANIEL: “Yeah man there’s gonna be so many.”

DARIUS: “Yeah...totally!”

*just as Darius says this Lourdes, Estrella, Rachel and Holly walk into the school as Holy Class by Ayzha Nyree plays as they walk*

LOURDES: “Girls, this year is going to be amazing!”

*Estrella takes off her sunglasses and looks around*

ESTRELLA: “100%! It’s our time to shine.”

RACHEL: “My grandma really killed it with this new design!”

HOLLY: “Yeah,’s nice but it’s not the best I’ve ever seen. Have you seen my fathers new school that opened in New York? Well it’s actually so bi-“

LOURDES: “No one cares Holly!”

*Lourdes and Estrella walk over to the boys arm in arm, Rachel looks at the detail of the auditorium, Holly trails behind Lourdes and Estrella after looking at herself in her hand mirror*

LOURDES: “Well don’t you all look great.”

*Daniel shows off his uniform like the cocky c*** he is*

ESTRELLA: “We’re gonna have so much fun this year! No new scholarship students no foreign students just us rich kids.”

DANIEL: “Which is how it should always be!”

*Darius nods, not really interested in the conversation as he sees Jasper, Henley, Samuel, William and Milo enter school all at the same time even though they aren’t friends?...hmm strange*
315 days 16 hours ago
*Henley walks past the group and to his locker*

JACOB: “How was your summer snakey boy?”

*Daniel starts cackling WAY too much*

*Henley just flips off Jacob*

HENLEY: “Next time don’t do drugs in the locker room like idiots when you know people will walk in. Use your brains.”

*Henley walks off*

DANIEL: “Who the fuck does he think he is.”

LOURDES: “Scrawny boy has a point though. You are idiots.”

*the girls laugh*

*Samuel can be seen watching William putting things in his locker from his locker*

JASPER: “Dude are you ok? You’re kind of just staring...”

SAMUEL: “Shit! You scared me. Yeah I’m good, just staring at errr...-“

JASPER: “William? Yeah it’s super obvious. You should work on not giving it away!”

*Jasper walks off*

*William can see Daniel glaring at him from a distance*

WILLIAM: “What’s his fucking problem?”

*William is cut off from confrontation as Tae enters school grounds*

*Daniel hits Darius and Jacob on the arm several times like a little boy*

DANIEL: “Fuckkkk. Look.”

*he points at Tae*

RACHEL: “You’d have no chance, Daniel”

JASPER: “Rachel’s right...”

DANIEL: “Shut it little bro.”

JASPER: “Whatever...”
315 days 16 hours ago
*Milo walks up to William*

MILO: “Hey...”

WILLIAM: “What’s up?”

MILO: “They suck don’t they.”


MILO: “I saw Daniel glare at you. They’re the worst kind of rich kids. They only care about themselves after all right...”

WILLIAM: “They think they’re so much better than everyone else as if they own the school. Sooner or later they’ll get what’s coming to them...”

*Milo goes to respond but looks at the doors to the entrance of Pentágono International open*

*3 new students that nobody has seen before stand still and take in the view of the MASSIVE entrance*

MATEO: “Hey sis check out the size of school!”

MARTINA: “It’s like a dream come true!”

ABADDON: “Just the auditorium is like bigger than our whole school!”

*they stare amazed as new more unknown students enter Pentágono grounds*

*3 girls are taking it all in*

SAGE: “Can’t believe I’m finally standing in here, *not* illega- I mean wow...I’ve never been in this school before!” *she takes off her designer sunglasses and puts them in her Prada bag* “it feels like home!”

CAMILLE: “I could so get used to this!” *she twirls* “Bring on the new school year!”

GENNY: “Wow c'est vraiment beau.”

CAMILLE: “What’d you say?”

GENNY: “Oh, nothing.”

*more and more students pile into the school...ok wtf?*

SILAS: “Oh man I’m so pumped to start here!”

HENRY: “I here you! I can’t wait to see what the football team is like.”

*Silas sees a trophy towards the end of the corridor*

SILAS: “Woah...I wanna win whatever that is.”

PAISLEY: “I bet the people here are nice too!”

SILAS: “I...doubt that.”

HENRY: “Hey. I bet they aren’t that bad.”

*Elias hangs back as he observes the school*

ELI: “It’s going to be weird as an adult joining a school in Miami but...that’s what I’m doing so fuck it.”

*The pre existing Pentágono International School students aka the rich kids just stare at all these new kids that have joined the school*

LOURDES: “You’re kidding me...right?” *Lourdes laughs*

HOLLY: “Obvs not Lourdes they look real to me...”

ESTRELLA: “Holly, shhh.”

DARIUS: “This is a bad thing right?”

JASPER: “Not really...but...” *Jasper turns to Daniel and so does everyone else*

DANIEL: “This school wants me to fucking die!”

*Daniel punches the locker to his left which echoes throughout the auditorium*

315 days 16 hours ago
(William and Milo talking shit about daniel all season
315 days 15 hours ago

Welcome everyone! You are all able to post because this episode is now OPEN!!!

An update on this first episode’s schedule...

🏤 [TODAY] - It's the first day of the new school year! The rich kids are in for a shock when they learn about the new arrivals, the scholarship kids! [NOW]

🥃 [TODAY] - A Back-To-School Party hosted by the ever so generous [CHARACTER]. Scholarship kids NOT allowed.... unless they find a way to get in... ;) [7PM EST]

🗿 [TOMORROW] - After school, come to the big unveiling of Darius’ great grandfather's monument at the Luscious Gardens. Paparazzi will be everywhere so remember to be on your best behaviour... as if... [5:30PM EST]

🍸 [TOMORROW] - A party at Club Nocturno to celebrate the unveiling at the park, where you'll probably see some of the most influential people in town attending! [7PM EST]

📌[SUNDAY] - Field trip time! [Between 4PM & 5PM EST] Somehow the students have convinced Mr. D to take them on a trip... to the mall! Stay in class and learn about the history of the mall or skip it to go have some fun - it's all up to you! Episode finale happens at [6PM EST] sharp.

315 days 15 hours ago
*Samule walks into school*
315 days 15 hours ago
*Holly takes a dump while browsing shoes on amazon*

Holly: Not expencive enough...not expencive enough...

*Some shit rolls down the toilet seat and lands on her handbag. She screams, trying to flush it down the toilet*
315 days 15 hours ago
*Daniel walks off frustrated at the sight of none rich LOOKING students*


*Estrella rolls her eyes and turns to Lourdes*

Estrella: “They actually all look ugly!”
315 days 15 hours ago
*It's motherfucking Genny, everyone. She's here to take in the sights and make fun of some rich people.*

"As the Americans say... 'let's get this bread.'"
315 days 15 hours ago
*samule tries to hide the fact that he like the the new kids have come in*
315 days 15 hours ago
*Darius leans at his locker and looks at the scholarship kids*

"They're not too bad looking. Some of em are actually kind of cute..."


Mr. D. is busy prepring his lecture notes for the first class of the semester.
315 days 15 hours ago
*Holly walks out of the bathroom without a handbag, and seems disgusted at the new kids, covering her face and walking as far from them as possible*
315 days 15 hours ago
*Abaddon nervously tugs at the string of his back pack*

^I should have just dropped out and became a stripper or something. I definitely don't belong at this school.^
315 days 15 hours ago
*Henley overhears Darius* “Cute doesn’t matter if you are poor.”

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