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LightningStrikes369 84 days 10 hours ago
Tributes;;; last second ones lol my bad. I knew one of the players coming into this, but was nervous of the FIVE people in the same frat all active. Thankfully they worked with me. I messaged Johnny and Hong to make an alliance. We all got together and I made a side alliance with Gsatt and Matthew. Meanwhile Johnny and  Hong made an even bigger alliance of us three, gini, Giab, and drip. We also had Sadeta as a vote. 9 total votes which was a little too big of an alliance for me, but it worked out seeing we had such an active cast. The only outsider actives were CaptainKirk, torch and Shad.
To start off I really wanted Kirk out first, I was warned he was a shady player, but everyone else wanted inacts first sooo
15th: Drooseph (8-2) inactive, evicted over Meredith
14th: Tiffany (5-5) algo out over Meredith
13th: Giab (5-5) algo out over Meredith
you were our ally, but you went inactive :(
12th: Meredith (8-2) evicted over Captainkirk, I was one of the votes for kirk lol I was after him big time but he just kept staying lol
inactive queen, on the block four times ;)
-All inactives were gone, and ofc Kirk got pov lmao-
11th: Shad (8-0) First unanimous vote. You were the bigger threat over Torch, he was laid back.
10th: Matthew (8-0) over Captainkirk. MATTT I wish you didn't go inactive, I wanted to go far with you :// but you asked to be evicted.
9th:  Torch (6-1) over Sadeta. Kirk had nine lives in this game, he got pov again and you were the only outsider. Gsatt wanted and voted to save you which was a red flag but I ignored it bc he was my friend
8th: CaptainKirk (6-0) over Sadeta. For someone on the outside of the big alliance, you lasted a long time here, good game play
-- by now it's just the alliance. Sadeta was the obvious target. I needed Drip out since it was 5 of the frat allies and only 8 left, had to pull some strings to get him on the block against Sadeta the pawn and take him out. Hong/Me/Johnny were trying to do the best. --
7th: DripTee (4-1) over Sadeta. you were in and out inact, you were a cool guy buttt we weren't as close as my f3, sadeta and gsatt. Gini seemed closer to my guys over you :/ good game
6th: Gsatt (4-0) over Sadeta
you were one of the ones who i wanted in the F3 or at least f4 but you went against me telling everyone you wanted me out. Seemed like a good guy, but you made a bad game move going against someone who had your back.
5th: Sadetta (3-0) over Hong volunteered as pawn
You were a phenom ally, I hate that you didn't go farther but you weren't apart of the bigger alliance :/
final pov- Hong
4th: Gini (2-0) over me. OOSH I was nervous Johnny offered to be pawn but I went up with you. You were a sweet ally, I hope to play future games with you,  I did not get to know you all that well. Good game :)
Hong- it seemed you and Johnny were super close which made me nervous, I feel like we were a little weary of eachother. Nonetheless we did good, I hope we work together in future game or so!
Johnny- wooo bestfriend bestfriend, another game another f3. 2/2 on them. I'm glad I always got an ally in you to help take down the competition. May the best player win!
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Johnny8242 84 days 17 hours ago
15- Inactive 14-Inactive 13- Inactive 12-Inactive 11- Love ya tuts but you always get voted out 10-I tried to get an alliance but you peaced out 9-Never got in contact with you so it was an easy choice. 8- I still feel like you should marry Sadeta all joking I thought you were working with an another alliance so it was easy vote nothing but love skipper. 7-Drip I’m so sorry. I had gotten some info that I believe is BS in retrospect I’m sorry. 6th-You tried to turn the alliance against each other sorry it made too much sense 5- I tried to get you to the final 5 cause you were loyal to me. 4- Gini I’m so sorry you were loyal but we had a final 3.          ———————————-                      Hong-  It was great working together, it was awesome I’m glad we got to play together may the best person win.                                    LS- Great working together! Final 3 baby! Nothing but love may the best person win.
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Hong 84 days 21 hours ago
TRIBUTES (but yall better do them too)

15-12: inacts
11: it's honestly so satisfying to vote you out every time, idk why. KING
10: i was in a fake 5 people alliance with you, but you went inact, and asked to be voted out.
9: really cool but never really reached out to me.
8: hilarious guy, but won 2 pov super early and didn't know where your head was at. TEA
7: TJ! was suprised to see you go! hoped to bring you the F3 or at least F4. Hope i didn't break your trust :/
6: you were part of the fake 5 people alliance, and went after lightning, so had to eventually get you out.
5: we were working together throughout the entire game but I felt like you had deals with everyone.
4: so freaking loyal and nice, sorry for voting you out. Hope to play another game with you in the future!

Final 3:
We did it! OG alliance, we were first to join, and made it all the way to the end. Super nice meeting you and good luck to both of you!
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LightningStrikes369 84 days 21 hours ago
I figured you were but Drip needed to go to ensure we were f3 haha. Gsatt then started a whirlwind trying to get me out tf
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Hong 84 days 21 hours ago
woohoo we did it! congrats F3! ngl was a little scared after tj got out
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LightningStrikes369 84 days 21 hours ago
We did good. final three from the start :)
We better do tributes!
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Hong 84 days 21 hours ago
sorry to the person i evicted ;(
84 days 21 hours ago
GiNi2 points OUT
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Johnny8242 84 days 21 hours ago
Tough vote both are two of the best in this game.
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LightningStrikes369 84 days 21 hours ago
Good luck Gini.
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GiNi 84 days 21 hours ago
Dont you just want to throw up?
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Hong 84 days 21 hours ago
both so loyal
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Hong 84 days 21 hours ago
ugh tough choice
84 days 21 hours ago
GiNi3 points NOM
LightningStrikes3693 points NOM
Johnny82422 points
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LightningStrikes369 84 days 21 hours ago
We did good guys

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Game Story

  1. Day1 Johnny8242 has the VETO
  2. Day1 Nominees are Merediths and Drooseph
  3. Day1 Participants evicted Drooseph
  4. Day2 Sadeta has the VETO
  5. Day2 Nominees are TiffanyIsMyAddiction and Merediths
  6. Day2 Participants evicted TiffanyIsMyAddiction
  7. Day3 DripTeejay has the VETO
  8. Day3 Nominees are Giab21 and Merediths
  9. Day3 Participants evicted Giab21
  10. Day4 Johnny8242 has the VETO
  11. Day4 Nominees are captainkirk12 and Merediths
  12. Day4 Participants evicted Merediths
  13. Day5 captainkirk12 has the VETO
  14. Day5 Nominees are torchxidoi and ShadSmithGayDemon
  15. Day5 Participants evicted ShadSmithGayDemon
  16. Day6 torchxidoi has the VETO
  17. Day6 Nominees are captainkirk12 and MathewJM99
  18. Day6 Participants evicted MathewJM99
  19. Day7 captainkirk12 has the VETO
  20. Day7 Nominees are Sadeta and torchxidoi
  21. Day7 Participants evicted torchxidoi
  22. Day8 GiNi has the VETO
  23. Day8 Nominees are Sadeta and captainkirk12
  24. Day8 Participants evicted captainkirk12
  25. Day9 Hong has the VETO
  26. Day9 Nominees are DripTeejay and Sadeta
  27. Day9 Participants evicted DripTeejay
  28. Day10 Johnny8242 has the VETO
  29. Day10 Nominees are gsatt12 and Sadeta
  30. Day10 Participants evicted gsatt12
  31. Day11 GiNi has the VETO
  32. Day11 Nominees are Sadeta and Hong
  33. Day11 Participants evicted Sadeta
  34. Day12 Hong has the VETO
  35. Day12 Nominees are GiNi and LightningStrikes369
  36. Day12 Participants evicted GiNi
  37. Day13 And the winner is ... LightningStrikes369!