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GiNi 66 days 18 hours ago

15th ChristanPotenza: I have no quams with you but you have a lot of fans.

14th cstharris3678ou: AFK

13th Malaya_: AFK

12th SlingTheCrack: AFK

11th WC54: You tried to lure one of my allies...um, no. That's our Chad! Go get your own Chad!!

10th FireCrackR: They should have called you Inferno.

        Day1 Nominees are FireCrackR and ChristanPotenza
        Day2 Nominees are FireCrackR and cstharris3678ou
        Day3 Nominees are FireCrackR and Malaya_
        Day4 Nominees are SlingTheCrack and FireCrackR
        Day5 Nominees are FireCrackR and WC54
        Day6 Nominees are FireCrackR and KidDrift76
                Day6 Participants evicted FireCrackR
                This blaze did not want to go out easily.

9th  Jumper123: We flipped a coin.

8th  castertroyb: Hey BB21 wrecker. You should use the bigger mouth on your avatar. It suits you better.

7th  Lvenereo: AFK. Dot Matrix short circuited this game.

6th  KidDrift76: I tried. HBD though.

5th  Lukyn: Sorry you got sick and caught the AFK flu. Maybe next time Luk.

4th  tacosRgood: AFK. And that's a lie. Tacos are great! And so is making it to f3 with your own alliance.

Final 3 ( ChadWick92, lilyebolanos, & Gini)

Congrats to my f3! The sarcasm we had toward each other made me really enjoy this game. Hope to do it again. ChadWick92- First time working with you and I'm glad I did. But why did WC54 think you would go off with him/her to have hamburger when you could stay with me and Lily to have steak! Welcome to f3. Good luck to you buddy! Lilyebolanos- I'm so glad I trusted your judgement regarding Chad. And your avatar looks so innocent, but I know better. And I'm joyful that your on my side. Good luck to you too, dahling!
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ChadWick92 66 days 22 hours ago
~My Fallen Tributes~

15th: idek what to say about you anymore, sometimes you just say the weirdest things in chat and it rubs some people the wrong way
14th: inact i think and also my alliance and i decided to target u this round
13th: inact, plus you got me out a few games ago :/ so i figured you wouldnt work with me
12th: inact i think, dont really remember
11th: you were inact, then came back kinda late, but you were cool to play with
10th: you got nommed like every single day, we just decided to end your misery
9th: we were gonna get caster out first, but he had the POV, so it was your time
8th: you spoiled the entire week of big brother for us and you tried to get people to vote for me by blaming your rogue vote on me lol, so yeah bye
7th: inact
6th: Kid, you were awesome to talk to and play with, maybe we can work together in the future. I could have saved you and brought you to 5th or 4th place, but I forgot to vote and the algorithm chose you unfortunately. ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!
5th: Lukyn, I really did want to go to the end with you, you were cool to work with, but you went inact and never came back. We had to take you out here, because you had a higher chance of getting the final POV over taco and that would have ruined our chance to get to final 3 together with lily and gini. Sorry bud
4th: inact lol

GiNi: It was my first time working with you, but you were definitely really awesome to work with. Thanks for having my back and we *almost* both went through the entire game without a POV for either of us. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Lily: Hey! Second time we made it to final 3 together and I'm super glad I was able to work with you again. At least this time the game was more interesting and it wasn't just us voting out inacts the entire time lol. I'd say we make a pretty good team. Thanks for having my back for the second time. We should def keep working together in the future!

Overall, it was a pretty good game. There were a decent amount of inacts, but enough actives to keep it interesting. Shoutout to KidDrift since it was his BDAY today. So sorry we couldn't take you all the way to the end.
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lilyebolanos 66 days 23 hours ago
See you tomorrow!
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lilyebolanos 66 days 23 hours ago
15th: Chris.  Dude.  Sometimes you make things interesting but this round you tried to get me out by telling people I was dangerous and I think some other people were bothered by you too so you had to go.
14th: Csharris you were inactive and we were afraid you'd screw up our game if you came back because you are good at this game.
13th:  Malaya.  You were also inactive and we were afraid you'd screw up out game if you came back too.
12th: Sling.  You are a good player, but you were inactive
11th:  WC We thought you were a multi and then you came back and played and didn't vote with us so we got you out
10th:  Fire.  You are a good player and you are never on my side.  Sorry we dragged you along for so long
9th:  Jumper is a multi and inactive
8th: Caster you are a dick.  You spoiled bb for the week and then tried to turn kid onto chad after you voted for kid and that just didn't fly.
7th:  Inactive.  Cool avatar
6th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID you went inactive and we couldn't risk taking you further but the algorithm flipped a coin for you
5th:  Luk you were working with us for a while but then you went in active so
4th: tacos.  you were inactive and then you won pov towards the end and messed up our plan so that was fun

Gini:  You are a loyal ally and I'm glad we can work together.  I'm glad we're top three.  It's so fun playing with you!

Chad:  You are also a loyal ally and it's so fun to play with you.  We always have fun

It's fun to play with you guys and I'm glad we can do this.  It's a lot of fun!  You guys are great.
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GiNi 66 days 23 hours ago
I'm doing em too
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lilyebolanos 66 days 23 hours ago
I willll give me a minute :)
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ChadWick92 66 days 23 hours ago
lily you gotta do tributeeesss
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ChadWick92 66 days 23 hours ago
tribute time
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lilyebolanos 66 days 23 hours ago
see you tomorrow then
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ChadWick92 66 days 23 hours ago
good job y'all
66 days 23 hours ago
tacosRgood2 points OUT
66 days 23 hours ago
tacosRgood3 points NOM
GiNi2 points NOM
lilyebolanos1 points
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lilyebolanos 66 days 23 hours ago
I told you spamming works
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ChadWick92 66 days 23 hours ago
first and most important pov of the game, coming in clutch at the end there
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ChadWick92 66 days 23 hours ago
BEAT THE SYSTEM, f3 here we come y'all

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Casting is your first step in Tengaged. Try to socialize with other participants to not get voted and evicted. Once you win enough in Castings you can enroll into real Big Brother and Survivor games in Tengaged with daily challenges, tribes, competitions and much more! Tengaged is the best way to make new friends online.

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Game Story

  1. Day1 KidDrift76 has the VETO
  2. Day1 Nominees are FireCrackR and ChristanPotenza
  3. Day1 Participants evicted ChristanPotenza
  4. Day2 lilyebolanos has the VETO
  5. Day2 Nominees are FireCrackR and cstharris3678ou
  6. Day2 Participants evicted cstharris3678ou
  7. Day3 SlingTheCrack has the VETO
  8. Day3 Nominees are FireCrackR and Malaya_
  9. Day3 Participants evicted Malaya_
  10. Day4 WC54 has the VETO
  11. Day4 Nominees are SlingTheCrack and FireCrackR
  12. Day4 Participants evicted SlingTheCrack
  13. Day5 castertroyb has the VETO
  14. Day5 Nominees are FireCrackR and WC54
  15. Day5 Participants evicted WC54
  16. Day6 Lvenereo has the VETO
  17. Day6 Nominees are FireCrackR and KidDrift76
  18. Day6 Participants evicted FireCrackR
  19. Day7 castertroyb has the VETO
  20. Day7 Nominees are KidDrift76 and Jumper123
  21. Day7 Participants evicted Jumper123
  22. Day8 KidDrift76 has the VETO
  23. Day8 Nominees are tacosRgood and castertroyb
  24. Day8 Participants evicted castertroyb
  25. Day9 lilyebolanos has the VETO
  26. Day9 Nominees are tacosRgood and Lvenereo
  27. Day9 Participants evicted Lvenereo
  28. Day10 tacosRgood has the VETO
  29. Day10 Nominees are KidDrift76 and Lukyn
  30. Day10 Participants evicted KidDrift76
  31. Day11 lilyebolanos has the VETO
  32. Day11 Nominees are Lukyn and tacosRgood
  33. Day11 Participants evicted Lukyn
  34. Day12 ChadWick92 has the VETO
  35. Day12 Nominees are GiNi and tacosRgood
  36. Day12 Participants evicted tacosRgood
  37. Day13 And the winner is ... ChadWick92!