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Robinhood99 57 days 5 hours ago
Robin <3 Teamjaczz
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Robinhood99 57 days 5 hours ago
Quick tributes I guess
16th- The most we had in common was watching dragula. You're usually targeted for 16th it seems. I think you'd do great if you ever went into disguise.
15th- You were apartment shopping and got put into both sets. You just didn't try this game.
14th- TICO <3 Hehe jk. I wish you survived your poll, and I enjoyed our calls a lot! Hopefully we'll talk after this.
13th- We didn't talk much, but you're cool. I'm just hoping you'll give me a multi win like you did Dakota.
12th- Still < 3 you. You'd be on a stars: game changer edition with how you played. I'm glad we did play together.
11th- <3<3
10th- BEN! I wish I could pull through on this one for you, but I don't have multis like some people :' ). #actives
9th- Thanks for not locking me in at 8th. ILY <3
8th- You were great Marek <3. I wish you didn't go up :(. It was nice getting to talk to you.
7th- I didn't mind taking to you Sam. We didn't work much this game. If you hadn't thrown the poll to Wes, I think we could've worked together the latter half of the game.
6th- I'm still not sure why you decided to stay pressed about me the entire game. The only thing you did get right is that I was making moves behind the scenes ;). You just never wanted to work with me.
5th- I'm still shocked I stayed against you. If Austin had locked in Dakota/Anthony, I think you and I would be in finals together.
4th- You played a messy but good game. I think your worst decision was nominating me and issy @ f5 in hopes we'd nominate the duo of Anthony/Dakota. However, that came back and bit you in the butt for 4th.
2nd- ROBBED x2 . I think it's ironic you brought him all this way knowing his poll percents were abnormal.

That's it. McDonalds out.
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Robinhood99 57 days 6 hours ago
Thank you to everyone who supported me through their vote <3

Love you bestie Teamjacz ^-^
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iYBF 57 days 6 hours ago
Congrats on a multi win Dakota!
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iYBF 57 days 9 hours ago

16th: RoboZoe ~ In all honesty, I'm pretty sure I locked you in as soon as the game started just in case. Nobody was shocked to see you get first boot just because you all around didn't seem to actually really strategize & were just kinda here to troll.

15th: rabbaj ~ When I saw you in the cast I was kinda excited for us to hopefully work together. We'd been allies in a group game before, so I was hoping we could do it again here, but you just didn't seem to put a lot of effort into the game & never really reached out to me to actually align.

14th: titoburitto ~ I lowkey thought we were gonna be best friends in this game when it started. Immediately, you were a counter, but I didn't want you to go up & did my best to make sure you were safe for 16th. However, after that, it just came down to whether I could trust you more than my other allies you were targeting (Bryce, Dakota, etc.) & I decided that I couldn't. The stars just didn't align for us this game, but love ya anyway!

13th: ErikWard1412 ~ I also thought we were going to work more closely together than we actually did. I was just worried about your multis in the latter half of the game honestly & I hoped that if you went up with someone like Dakota (which ended up happening) that you wouldn't use the multis & would hopefully get evicted. I just couldn't risk it, especially in Stars, but thank you for being loyal to me.

12th: scooby0000 ~ Bud, I'm sorry, but you were all kinds of over the place in this game. You'd begin the DC with a set & end it with a new set of 2 different people. You were just so wishy-washy, even countering me at one point before changing it, & I knew that I couldn't trust you. I split on you & Wes in the hopes that Wes would take you out because I couldn't see us working together in the game.
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iYBF 57 days 9 hours ago
11th: bigbrotherlover7 ~ You said it best in your tributes, the best part of this Stars for me was becoming close with you. We had never been super close before this game, but as soon as the game started, we were an immediate duo whether people saw it or not. I trusted you 100% & you're actually the only person in the entire cast that I didn't lock in at some point in the game. Thank you for everything you did for me in this game, Bryce, & thank you for being one of my best friends after it.

10th: C00LDUDE1000 ~ The first time that I was officially countered all day was the day that you went up with Robin. Y'all got countered basically for playing the middle & for nobody knowing where your head was at, so I guess you countered me hoping that people would nominate me for the same reason you were countered. Unfortunately, it only sealed your fate on the block & got you evicted. No hard feelings, but I absolutely 100% did not trust you at all in this game.

9th: raonic ~ Honestly, I was absolutely shocked when I woke up to a 9th under your name. I then had to do a double take when I saw the near 67% to evict you in the poll. If you had survived that poll, there's no doubt in my mind that you would have made Finals & most likely won this game, so I guess I can't complain. Although you're one of my best friends, we didn't converse a lot game-wise, & I knew that you were a big threat that could possibly be dangerous to me later, so I had to lock you in because I still stand by that it was better for me to have you out than in the game. Sorry, I love you!

8th: cococolin122 ~ You called me out when you were evicted for "not talking to anybody all game," but I'm pretty sure your eviction message was more words than you spoke to the cast the entire rest of the game. You were kinda just there, a dud player, & while I didn't lock you in when you got evicted, I was not for one moment upset to see you go. Toodles!

7th: s73100 ~ This one was really tough for me to do because the night before you had just been there for me when I really needed someone, but I knew that I couldn't let you go any further in the game, especially not unnominated. You had connections everywhere in the game, so my game plan was to take out the people that I knew you somewhat had a relationship with (Justyn, Marek, etc.) & then be able to hopefully rally the votes to get you up with Wes. I'm sorry that I lied to you & I understand if you are upset with me, but I hope that you can understand that it was a 100% game move & I love you so much on a personal level.
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iYBF 57 days 9 hours ago
6th: Bluejay7622 ~  This was tough for me to do as well, but I was hoping that you'd be able to take out Issy in the poll & I was also hoping that in the case that you did get evicted that you'd lock in my favor for 5th (which ended up happening). Again, there were absolutely no personal feelings put into this decision, but I had to put myself in the best position to get as far unnominated as I could & this is what was best for that plan.

5th: immaxyman ~ I don't really have much to say here other than I don't regret ever locking you in & I would lock you in for a 4th time if I could.

4th: austino15fffan ~ When I saw that we went up together my heart sort of dropped. I knew that we were going to end up locking each other in, but I was hoping we didn't go up together. I'm glad that I won the poll, but if I was to lose, I'd be rooting for you to win. We consistently told the entire cast that we didn't trust each other throughout the entire game because we really never had a reason to trust each other until the end of the game. We went on a call late into the game & decided that the best way for us to make it far was to join forces for the latter half of the game. It worked & we managed to make our ways to 4th where we went up together. Thank you for helping me out late in this game & for being a great person to chat with on calls.


Robinhood99 ~ I did not trust you in this game to any extent. There's always one person in Stars that just tries to be buddy-buddy with the whole cast, hoping to just slide by, & I knew you were that person. I caught onto it maybe 3 or 4 DCs in when everyone that I talked to was considering bringing you into an alliance, or using you as a vote, or trusting you. I also came to the conclusion that you were close with Ben from the fact that you were both friends with wwemrpeeps, which is why I had to make sure you went up together early on. On a personal level, I enjoyed our hour long calls when I had nothing else to do & I hope that we can stay friends outside of this despite all the shit that went down throughout this game.

DakotaCoons ~ After Bryce was evicted, you were my person. My goal was to get us to the Final 3 & it happened & I'm so proud of us for making it here. I did lie to you a few times in the game because I wasn't 100% sure if you'd accidentally or purposefully throw me under the bus with information, but at a certain point I was always honest & loyal to you. I'm so glad that we both ended up making it here & if I don't win, I'm hoping you do.

Despite everything that happened between us, R.A.D. made it to the Final 3!


No matter how this turns out, I know that I played one hell of a game & that this is the Final 3 I wanted from like Day 6. I'm gonna hope & pray that I can get my first Stars win in my first Finals, but if not then I want to thank all of my supporters for getting me here & everyone in this Stars for making it a really fun, crazy, mess, spastic, exciting, unpredictable, & all around amazing game!

Best of luck to Dakota & Robin, may the best man win!
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DakotaCoons 57 days 11 hours ago
My Tributes I guess because Bryce keeps yelling at me!
Tito: You're honestly horrible and I'm glad you went out for 14th because you have a horrible personality and you're honestly just rude.
Austin: Glad we got to reconnect this game, even if we were on opposite sides. You're honestly super nice and I hope we can work together again in the future!
Robin: You're shady af honestly and we all knew it but we figured we could beat you in polls so we kept you around. You're really good at Stars and it shows TBH.
Bryce: ILYSM BBY. My ride-or-die after Erik left for a whole 24 hours. You're honestly one of my faves and I have to thank you so much for giving me the push I needed to work hard enough to make it to finals. You know you're always gonna be one of my best friends and I'm glad you joined this game. Can't wait for our meetup! ;)
Erik: My first ride-or-die! Thank you so much for showing me the ropes of the game and helping me learn how to play haha. Sad we couldn't work together sooner but it was great while it lasted.
Gerard: I still honestly don't know why you don't like me but you didn't even give me the time of day in this game so that's why I locked you in for 16th.
Rabbaj: I don't think you said a single word to me.
Maxy: Those multis saved you girl. I don't know whether you actually knew it or not but you made it way further than you should've considering who you were up against in the polls. Either way, you were a good friend this game, even if you were shady, and I hope we can work together in the future.
Ben: I never really knew where your head was at but toward the end you were a great ally! Sorry you had to go so soon. :/
Sam: You and Wes were a duo so I don't think it was shady of me to lock y'all in but if you want to do that when you locked in me and Bryce, effectively breaking up the Lab, go ahead.
Marek: I'm not sure if you were actually inactive or not trying like you said you were or if that was just a strategy to make it further but once again you were someone who was shady and never really predictable as to where your head was at.
Scooby: Literally so dumb. I told you if you locked me in they were nominating your ass for 12th and you didn't listen to me and did it anyways and look! you got 12th. Deserved.
Anthony: UGH my last ride-or-die. Glad we were able to pull out a finals together and I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to win. Just don't stop ignoring me once the game is over pls <3
Nick: Literally THE shadiest person in this whole game. When you were nominated you basically bragged about controlling the game and being so under-the-radar when literally everyone knew you were shady but were too scared to listen to me and make a move. You overhyped yourself although you did play a good game essentially backstabbing every ally you had.
Wes: Another person who hated me but I did what I had to do and you were a huge threat in terms of strategy and popularity. Sorry I had to nominate you and you know you're one of my faves.
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iYBF 57 days 12 hours ago
voted me* ah
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iYBF 57 days 12 hours ago
Another round of people that saved me in the public pollbox!! I love you all!

Pizza4256 ❤️
Max7313 ❤️
BigBrotherFan132 ❤️
ashleykarp ❤️
NoChildSupport ❤️
bball38 ❤️
galore ❤️
ChubbyHuggs ❤️
ClassiCaz5 ❤️
imprincearthur ❤️
myiel ❤️
Bambino ❤️
sandym89 ❤️
TwoStep ❤️
Laura21 ❤️
NicoleF ❤️
Vanili ❤️
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iYBF 58 days 2 hours ago
Thank you to everyone that has publically saved me in the pollbox so far!! You guys are all amazing!

Vlad21 ❤️
GentlemanG ❤️
Brxan ❤️
MisterPredaa ❤️
BigMamaT ❤️
Lemjam6 ❤️
mikec51 ❤️
iTy990 ❤️
Question ❤️
NotNicky333 ❤️
yummy ❤️
Crayadian ❤️
Kaseyhope101 ❤️
tryandbeatme16 ❤️
beccajo16 ❤️
noah_kondon ❤️
turney1805 ❤️
aiwfwyattroh ❤️
CrimsonEnnui ❤️
lepi ❤️
iiGalaxyii ❤️
rawr25 ❤️
rory17 ❤️
M_Davis1998 ❤️
YasGaga ❤️
Wade03 ❤️
Zuelke ❤️
KRaidium ❤️
PrincessTeePee ❤️
sihz ❤️
Funnehliner ❤️
iiVoloxity ❤️

Also thank you to all of my silent supporters & people that have mailed/Skyped me that they saved me ❤️
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austino15fffan 58 days 5 hours ago
You too!!!


May the best person wins, and hopefully multis aren't used to determine a winner, good luck y'all!
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iYBF 58 days 5 hours ago

Sorry Austin :( you played one hell of a game
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austino15fffan 58 days 6 hours ago
Congratulations on final 3 everyone!

Y'all got me :)
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austino15fffan 58 days 6 hours ago
I'm hella evicted with the pollbox and those vlog comments hahaha

Any last minute saves for me are appreciated ❤️

1st place!!


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