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Fraternity wikipedia

if you have a RED NOSE or WHITE NOSE, you're not welcomed!
Not just anyone can get a ★ into the frat, you have to be a fair playing gamer.
☆Wikipedia Vice President:
☆Frat Recruiter: [Avalon]
☆Frat Game Coordinator: [jason_2_12]

☆8 IMPORTANT ⍟TENGAGED USERS are ambassadors to this frat.☆

"Just a reminder that multiple accounts are not allowed on Tengaged, nor is it permissible to log onto someone else's account for any reason."
by Tengaged_Moderation

⍟Ambassador # 1: k4r4k [Sophrosyne frat President]
⍟Ambassador # 2: Gagaluv [Little Monsters LM frat President]
⍟Ambassador # 3: PrincessTeePee [Stars 103 Winner]
⍟Ambassador # 4: vh1luvr15 [Stars 191, 203 and 249 Winner]
⍟Ambassador # 5: Megan [ACTIVES frat President]
⍟Ambassador # 6: FlamingJoJo [Vivacious frat Presidents]
⍟Ambassador # 7: NexusCain [Lone_Wolf]
⍟Ambassador # 8 Diva1 [17496 Most Loved]


From LaTetis (@DaisyJane) 2 min ago
"im a multi yes , because im aloud to have 2 multis with one principal profile"

Under Construction.

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Public Comments

  1. Crayadianthis frat is a joke
  2. Crayadianyah fuck you
  3. Crayadiancan you guys seriously star me i really want to be apart of this group
  4. CrayadianJust 2 more guys !
  5. Crayadianwhy am i not being stared in
  6. CrayadianHe will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.
  7. YellowpenguinGuys I'm back. Sorry for leaving because Avalon went inactive. Plz star me back in!
  8. YellowpenguinWho missed me!
  9. Sparky4444Mrrpokeguy left us, what a bad vice prez
  10. StinkyMagooI'll be your huckleberry!
  11. Tahan_let me in
  12. JesyNelsonAvalon creates multis, she is lying to you all. Leave this frat.
  13. YogscastBigbrother21halp m e
  14. Sparky4444Wtf I got hacked! Let me back in.
  15. GuarrillaPelirrojaStars pls

President of wikipedia

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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