Fraternity Welcome to Flavortown

Welcome to Flavortown
Population: Growing

We worship God Fieri and seek the greatest diners, drive-ins and dives.

- When you get in make sure you star everyone <3
- Be nice and get along with each other
- Being frat mates doesn't mean you have to work together in games
- Please leave any drama out of the frat and work it out yourselves

(Highest Rank: 30th)

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  1. RetardedDon't you just hate it when you catch your dad jacking off to pictures of you
  2. Dewdropps <3
  3. Dewdroppsguy is the
  4. jessbonessp
  5. jessbonessryan shut u
  6. RytheguyGuys I would love to be a part of this :)
  7. SurvivorFan37this is the best thing I've ever seen
  8. TheSexiestDude990omg this is a thing
  9. m7md26Buried Treasure
  10. IHateFurriesSorry guys! I haven't logged in in a while and got kicked out.
  11. jm340Hey y'all
  12. Puakaii joined x
  13. SpiderBoom<333
  14. TheBossofNXTi joined
  15. TheBossofNXTsure ill join

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randomize stole my flesh

5 Symmetry888, Jun 17, 2018

randomize please give it back i'm begging you

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