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Anyone can join.
No drama or beef
Plus each others spam and blogs
Help each other out
Work together in games :)

If you are intersted in playing stars pls message me so I can add you to the waiting list
My goal is to get to Stars one day, so here is a waiting list
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  1. ChrisParker13 plz vote for me here
  2. Yawnhajoin the frat!!! :)
  3. doobeeI think this frat is rigged
  4. HongSorry, didn鈥檛 fully specify. Just taking a break from frats. Feel free to still message me though if y鈥檃ll need spam. I got you guys :) Seriously though, I mean it! I'll probably just rejoin soon
  5. BryanXxNot squad br
  6. CarolinaSteeleSorry, didn鈥檛 fully specify. Just taking a break from frats. Feel free to still message me though if y鈥檃ll need spam. I got you guys :)
  7. ChrisParker13 save me here!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ChrisParker13 vote to evict ace99 to save me!
  9. LimerickThank you so much guys I love it here aready馃コ馃コ
  10. Limerickmatthat1231
  11. doobee._. whats ur snap
  12. LimerickI鈥檒l send pp pic
  13. LimerickVote me in please鉂わ笍
  14. ChrisParker13i need your help if u could go to the link that i am posting on this blog and vote for me to reenter the game of mrrks 30 random tengagers i would really appreciate it type @chrisparker13
  15. Rockrac89Yay only one .more

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Michael's Music Taste Round 3 ~ KPOP

26 stuartlittle16, Dec 4, 2020

ANOTHER DOUBLE ELIMINATION ROUND!! This is probably the round Im most excited about as some of you know this but I absolutely love Kpop. Its mostly all I listen to these days unless a popular western artist comes out with an album. So all you have to do is post a Kpop song. Whether its from a boy..


Michael's Music Taste Round 2 Results

1 stuartlittle16, Dec 4, 2020

Welcome back to another elimination tonight! I was a bit bummed that some of my all time favorites weren't used this round but I still enjoyed majority of these songs. Some of them were S Tier performances while others were choices. Lets get to the Top 3 this round and see who will be getting..


Hello Tengaged Family!

1 SparkySault, Dec 4, 2020

I'm looking for good bb group blog games. I have skype, however, I work during all the times people do comps so I need one where everything is random except votes and noms and such. evictionfreak did a bb22 re-run that was exactly the format I was looking for. It doesn't have to be a..


Who loves spaghetti more than ravioli?

0 EvictionFreak, Dec 4, 2020

Would you please mention " EvictionFreak" here..
Thank you in advance. Will plus any spam or do any favors!

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