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Fraternity #TheFam

#TheFam 5/8/2015

Frat Stars Winners
JayElVeeIsBack, Dandoe, Boots22, Maxi1234, Arris


Meet our family!
*head of household: Mum, Dog, Dog's bf*

Grandad: Arris
Mum: Oliviaxoxo
Dad: Christossss
Mum's girlfriend:Carlab1
Golden Son: Useamint
The Crazy First born child: Jayelveeisback
Lil Broo: Harry1210
Polish Lil Broo: FairyBoss
Sweet aunt that comes to stay & never leave: Mattholder
Drunk Aunt: Carlisle
Drunk Uncle: oreo270
Dog's Boyfriend: LewisC
Dog: Smoothstalker12
Stray cat: Anoreoz897
Nerdy scholar child: Carsonworld
Rowdy neighbour: Brawley
Pet Baboon: LordJza
Family Nun: Forest_knight (to fix our unholy ways)
Dad's Greek chair maid: Coffeybean94
Family slut: Imgonnawin
The Kool Kid:Jamieandre
The French Stallion: Styxxe
Family's own personal fashion stylist: Maxi1234
kidnapped celebrity: Krrais
Son: Yepal
Adopted Son from Detroit: mysterygame2
Fam's Fan Girl: skyler1822
Sports Stud: Tyler93
Singing Sensation: MichelleWilliams
Carrot Stew Cook: Carrot
Family Quizmaster: ghrocky100
Token Lesbian: Crickets


~We can do whatever we please during the day but we all must sit down and have dinner together, no mobile phones at the table!!

~ We star all our brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles because we are meant to love each other regardless if they smell etc

~We will hold monthly family meetings on call where we will try and talk about important household stuffs but will most likely end up messing about

~If you're going to be inactive for sometime, please let Olivia, Calvin or Lewis know because we want to try and keep this frat small and active!

~Skype frat game host: Ghrocky100 if you have any ideas for game let Alex know etc :)
We would love to welcome new members into our family however because the frat is new and we don't want to see us going back into how Affinity ended up, we are still sorting out a system that we feel will work, bare with us I'm sorry :-)

Side note: it helps if we know you so feel free to message and get to know us!

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Public Comments

  1. EmberMoonAnyone need a part time or full time job check out this site even they offer custom resume covers choose the most professional for you!
  2. tobiasbrookesHey vote me in... I really want to be in a loving frat with chill people, and I think that's here.
  3. OliviaxoxoHOT president
  4. DrPepsicould I get stared in?
  5. Thedoctor0011VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!
  6. Thedoctor0011vote for me!
  7. Oliviaxoxoaw hay!!!!
  8. RaverKidI miss y'all bitches tbh.
  9. oreo270i miss you guys, can I come back?
  10. CaliboyGuys please Trend my name here if I win will be entered into a gift giveaway!!
  11. _SuperCam_star me guys <3 :)
  12. Musicfamilia
  13. SmoothStalker12excuse me does anyone even know her? v
  15. churnCHURNchurnhey guys i'll be the #1 player if you just give me a chance

President of #TheFam

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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