Fraternity THE X POWER


✖ We'll accept anyone, well anyone who believe in POWER

✖ Stay loyal to yourself in games, but be willing to make the game moves that will change the game.

✖ Star everyone currently in the frat, and aspirants if we allow them.

✖ Have fun, be iconic and go out with a bang.

✖ We are ranked 6th!!!!!

✖Stars seat game winners✖
FireX-10th place
✖Weekly Stars Raffle✖
JSBReality-11th place

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  1. TMAN544451 MORE'
  3. Shadowman PLUS THIS
  4. MizCrackHeadThis frat can eat a bag of dicks tbh Im not a fucking multi and y'all just lost the privilege of me gracing this sewer of a frat with my prescene. See ya never rats xoxo
  5. Burgerman2929292Welp Somebody kicked me out......
  6. Christian37Dissapointed in this
  7. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  8. MizCrackHeadshook at my 0 stars
  9. Sloth_Romanthen leave the frat. Don't pull a JSB and leave to make shit dramatic then realise you have no friends and come back lol
  10. lhooper902976Easy, I had everyone starred, you are feeling the repercussions of it.
  11. FireXBurger HUSH
  12. J2999Hater0000I’m lonely :(
  13. unkownWhy did I get kicked :(
  14. CopperTribeSad life
  15. WaffleManOh.

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1 me2013, Jul 22, 2018

I love how cool calm and collected you are even in the midst of chaos

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Min. votes to continue: 3

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