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Hey guys, welcome to "The Vampire Diaries" frat, feel free to join if you are a fan of the show or like the show. Even if you have never watched the show before, that's okay. You can still join this frat if you would like to anyways. Feel free to work together in games as well, just remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Oh, and try not to get caught up with drama too lol :)

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  1. Robby297VOTE ME BACK IN PLEASE <3
  2. Elias5891Dinagat: Check the first blog of the other members of this frat. Several have letters. Unscramble those letters, and post them in your chatzy to end the challenge. (Answer will be two words)
  3. nayalI will do anythinh plsss. ANd i really want stephen and elena to get back together@
  4. nayalCan i join you guys please. I KNOW EVErYTHING ABOUT VAMPIRE DIARIES! I love ittttt
  5. denisg29please star me in!
  6. EyooMarcushello shes back
  7. GentlemanGSTAR ME IN!
  8. imprincearthurSkyler Invited me!
  9. brookecwelshDELENA IS ENDGAME.
  10. bigbrothermaniacIkr
  11. GilbyGone Girl? I cant even.
  12. LittleBrother123Add me to the frat so I can have the star seat thanks :)
  13. tyboy618Send nikki!
  14. labobble:)
  15. MusicNow just waiting for you to become a member!

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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