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Fraternity The Smart Kids

The Smart Kids


If you have skype, make sure to add mine (colbelliveau12) so I can add you to the chat


1. Stars every member

2. Consult with an other member before stealing the stars seat

3. No rules says that you have to save a fellow frat member in a game, however it is recommended

Private Comments

Only members of this fraternity can see the private comments.

Public Comments

  1. samesoulThis seems like a cool fraternity would be happy to get in
  2. JuliannBuried Treasure
  3. ClarkKenttJoining cause I miss ireland
  4. XtremeNerdHey can I join this frat it seems like a place for me
  5. koolcoopalready beat u to it shane xD
  6. IrelandHi, I can be the dumb one to make you all feel smarter.
  7. koolcoopcan i join?
  8. LamiaColbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. Diva1You are the President now. Have fun and enjoy your frat!
  10. Diva1Hold off having anyone else join until this updates and I can resign. You can edit the description and add a picture once I resign and make you the President. This shouldn't take that long to update:)
  11. Diva1Please hold off joining this fraternity until colbelliveau can join and I can star him and let this update and resign so he can be the President. Thanks everyone!

President of The Smart Kids

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

Fraternity Members

Weekly Stars Raffle