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  1. MakeMeBelieve242Star me back in please.
  2. danyyboy67star me back in
  3. patricenka9Hey , I would love to join your frat, I already have one but this one seems so loyal and amazing, will I be able to get in if I become an aspirant? <3
  4. Swimgirlplease star me in
  5. j0nhaleSorry pls star me back I let my little cousin play on my account and he took me out of shit
  6. j0nhaleCan I get starred
  7. hellocatshut up robbx2
  8. danyyboy67Re-Star me in !
  9. MakeMeBelieve242On our way to Page 2 of the frats, ya'll.
  10. Dylangover11 more vote
  11. RobbX2so this frat is basically where the people that were rejected from Lynda go ? Okay you can get our sloppy seconds <3 xo
  12. varlto1st :)))

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Celebrity spoons 13 FINAL

11 LornaHollas, Jun 15, 2019

1. Roxanne Pallett thefox111
2. Louis Tomlinson Tester
3. Demi Lovato bbfan1074
12th Place: Eden Taylor-Draper HelloCat
11th Place: Matthew Daddario Marcogr45
10th Place: Tom Holland..

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