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Frat #13

1. You are only allowed to guess 3 times per stars seat week. This is to ensure more people get the chance to guess
2. If its our last guess you dont guess until the last second and you know for sure who it is
3. Star everyone. We are the royals but we want a stable royal house
4. If you want drama to start, start it in mails not in the frat chat
5. Please tell us when you leave
6. Save each other no matter what

The team
President: aria_grande
vice president: dj2722
Secretary: top20fan33
Spy for stars seat:
Games coordinator:

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Public Comments

  1. MakeMeBelieve242Star me back in please.
  2. danyyboy67star me back in
  3. patricenka9Hey , I would love to join your frat, I already have one but this one seems so loyal and amazing, will I be able to get in if I become an aspirant? <3
  4. Swimgirlplease star me in
  5. j0nhaleSorry pls star me back I let my little cousin play on my account and he took me out of shit
  6. j0nhaleCan I get starred
  7. hellocatshut up robbx2
  8. danyyboy67Re-Star me in !
  9. MakeMeBelieve242On our way to Page 2 of the frats, ya'll.
  10. Dylangover11 more vote
  11. RobbX2so this frat is basically where the people that were rejected from Lynda go ? Okay you can get our sloppy seconds <3 xo
  12. varlto1st :)))

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And i will ask you a question :D


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Give credits to Bjorn
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