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Since it's introduction to Tengaged in the spring of 2013, the Pretty Girls Alliance (PGA) has been consistently one of the most controversial alliances in modern Tengaged history. Notorious for not having any girls in their alliance (beyond Torsa), the PGA stands among the rest as one of the longest-lasting alliances.

We welcome you to our sorority page.

Current Members:
AustinRules6969 (2013)
Bigdizzleyomama (2015)
Chrisw756 (2014)
DanielKennedy111 (2013)
Devinwithparasites (2014)
Dusty12910 (2013)
EricCartman (2015)
Gardenia (2014)
JGoodies (2013)
Jacksonjoseph99 (2013)
Lachie227 (2013)
Lights (2014)
LiteCitrus (2014)
Mattmon3365 (2013)
MichelleObama (2014)
Splozojames50 (2014)
Stering_butter (2014)
Superkevin79 (2015)
Vh1clown (2013)

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Public Comments

  1. m7md26Week 3 Care Package: Double Eviction Immunity
  2. superkevin79Clit
  3. ZingerThe sequester star has arrived ;)
  5. EricCartmanwe are now featured on the lifetime movie network
  6. Dusty12910We never died sis, we just migrated from TG to bigger career choices.
  7. DanielKennedy111The show got picked up by a different network, we're back.
  8. Dane_WilliamsI thought this died in 2015.

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I had a dream last night

3 Dusty12910, Apr 20, 2018

where someone hacked my account, opened up my shop and posted 35 hello kitty glasses
like wtf is my brain TELLING ME


Straight people caused every war

1 Dusty12910, Apr 20, 2018

change my mind


I hope dying is

0 Dusty12910, Apr 20, 2018

just as exciting as exiting the BBCAN grand tbh

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