Fraternity The North


➺ We are Loyal, Honorable, and Family.

➺ We forgive but we remember.

➺ We are positive even in the darkest times.

➺ We always respect each other.

➺ We are not afraid to sacrifice ourselves for others.

➺ We are fun guys sponsored by New Balance.

➺ We The North.

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. Guigilet me in punks ;)
  2. _Adidas_Wohoo loves the confederacy!
  3. Brayden_If that makes us outsiders, we’re in
  4. BigShakHi can you please star me in

President of The North

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

Fraternity Aspirants

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