Fraternity The lrrelevants

If you are lrrelevant then this is the place for you :)

Be Proud to be lrrelevant :)

You will always be Relevant here in the lrrelevants

Yes i realize it's an i get over it, the l was taken and i don't know how to take over a frat

Stars game rules

1. After every steal you must put in the private frat chat who you stole from.

2. Each member of this frat is only allowed to steal 3 times per stars game, If you steal more then 3 times you will be dropped from the frat and have to re-aspirant. IF YOU STEAL THE SEAT, this does not count as one of your steals.

3. Whoever gets the final steal winning the seat for our frat will go into stars, if they decide they do not want in. Then it will be a frat vote on who should go in their place. If the frat president (Kasey2011) is the final steal, then it will be either a public vote on who should go in stars, or a inside frat vote. Depending on what is going on during that time.

4. The steals are now First come First serve, Unless you have already stolen 3 times. Then you may not steal. Regardless of the timer. (see to rule 2)

5. If you talk about the stars game in the public chat of this frat, you will be dropped. There is no reason to do this and no one outside of this frat should know how we are doing in the game.

If you are dropped, you are more then welcome to come back, just please when you come back. Follow the rules

These rules may change at any time, hopefully these will cause less drama
If you have any input to these rules please contact me (Kasey2011)

Honorary Member: Addrian, We all thank you for keeping us alive when i was unable to do so :) For that i owe you :)

Finn315 Winner of Stars 293
woodrowwrust 9th place of Stars 306
Addrian Winner of Stars 308
Mahalpin11 4th place of Stars 311
Joaquint561 13th of Stars 343
pilatesgrl 4th of Stars 395

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Public Comments

  1. NegaSubwow what happened to this
  2. alanb1JACOB & ALAN鈥檚 SURVIVOR BRAIN v BRAWN v BEAUTY BEAUTY TRIBE IDOL CLUE: The number of votes Kelley Wentworth nullified has something to do with it. So do I.
  3. garygbs2ndwait this is still going? I was in this frat like 2 years ago
  4. FantasyPNTMMe when there are thirteen members of the frat, and yet I just dropped to an aspirant with only three votes -_-
  5. Arizona_Waits again
  6. Arizona_Waits
  7. Arizona_I am so irrelevant I would fit in perfectly
  8. RuthlessLucasHi looking for a frat to be a part of!
  9. lionsden121Man they're in the seats Game I wonder if they gave the idol ...NO WAIT I CAN SEE THE IDOL IN THE FIRST PAGE HERE...LOOK IN THEIR FIRST BLOGS I CAN FINALLY SEE IT
  10. JunsheavenStar me in pls!! I am in this frat in the past but left due to inactiveness
  11. pepper203Star me please 馃槉馃槉
  12. GreenPotatoezStar me in please!
  13. ShadowmanWould love to be here, if you'd have me :)
  14. Paige5459I'm trying to get a design in the auction! Can you guys help get a noob into the auction for the first time and plus this for me? spam me anytime
  15. IhasFoodHey guys :P Would love if I could join again

President of The lrrelevants

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

Fraternity Aspirants

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