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  4. Silver09can you guys vote for a winner in my elimination game thxs if you do
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  9. Moneybags1015i would love to be a member
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  15. peace123can me in ween in koolness be in the lab

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As someone who used to Manage

19 YoundAndReckless, Jan 23, 2018

a local Subway shop. I can sit here and say that Subway being one of the HEALTHIEST Fast Food chains is a complete joke and is FALSE FALSE FALSE.
For all of you people who are fat shamed into thinking Subway is Healthier for you than a cheeseburger and fry basket from any other Fast Food chain;..


19 merges and no more

10 s73100, Jan 23, 2018

I'm gonna keep this short but I'm super super happy with how well I did with swaps!! I think I made it to top 5 merges on the site and that's a huge accomplishment!!! It's been a long haul and I'm kind of relieved and sad to be voted out. A special thanks to the main hoes who helped me get..


i'm screaming

3 DakotaCoons, Jan 23, 2018

are y'all that dumb that you'll believe a twitter account supposedly leaking the cast slkjdsljf


+\- if he's a man

4 BluJay112, Jan 23, 2018

tagging victims of his gender faking
and so many more ...
If anyone wants to stand with us, don't be afraid and speak your truth in the comments because trust me, we all understand the..


I sleep with a nightlight on

2 BluJay112, Jan 23, 2018

because I'm scared bamold1999 might creep into my room and kill me because I didn't lock the right stars set in....

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