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  1. plsnokillmeCLUE #13: Go to the first blog of the person who has 5 numbers in their username
  2. JourdanBabyXoXoam i cool enuff
  3. BritishRomeo17oh wowe.
  4. 2388BYE CUNTS
  5. BritishRomeo17the halloween sheep have fall apart ruru kitten accept me.
  6. joaovictorjoaovictor whaaat 0
  7. 2388Accept me pls! The pic wasnt meant to offend any1 i was just bored
  8. Yellowpenguinhey star me? ty <3
  9. PegasusZhey
  10. YoundAndRecklessStar me?
  11. spartagowStar me?
  12. Silver09can you guys vote for a winner in my elimination game thxs if you do
  14. LonghornRobMother is home XO. Star me the fuck in sluts
  15. Moneybags1015pleas vote me in

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Why is it so hard to tell someone

2 Thumper91, Apr 20, 2018

How they feel instead of ignoring the person?
Like have some balls


oh wow we got new enroll buttons

1 Sam_Hamwich, Apr 20, 2018

what a fantastic change


Who wants to hear me vent

3 Thumper91, Apr 20, 2018

No one? Cool

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