Fraternity The Keyblade Wielders

Hey everyone, looks like I am the new president!!!

Ok let's get some rules going.
1. Stat every aspirant, everyone deserves to have fun!
2. Only star member when I tell you to
3. This time, I want you guys to be Battle for Dream Island characters! This show is about 20 objects competing for a island called dream island. Which has a 5 star hotel, a casino, 6 restaurants, robot servants, and the winner gets to choose who comes in dream island, and who doesn't. Please look up battle for dream island if you don't know what it is.

Please do join games that fellow aspirants and members play in. It will really help support our fraternity. And please don't resign, because or will make us sad :(

Anyway have fun with this frat!

President: Rocketokid13
Replacement President: SalamenxeJacketJeans

BFDI Characters Taken:
Spongy: Rocketokid13

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Public Comments

  1. hgagsCan I join
  2. winner1777boring stupid
  3. LakerNashCAn U STAR ME
  4. RobMguys. star me. T_T
  5. KingdomHeartsGirlNAMINE! Dibs on Namine!
  6. GotCarsonIf i am in, can i be VIVI?
  7. ILikeBigBrutherHI Im new and I love kingdom hearts! I want to be Aqua! Favorite character
  8. MagicFantasyi'm kairi
  9. IquraDiva1 your so cool.
  10. JanellePI want to be Roxas :D
  11. RobMRiku
  12. CurtisLI want to be VIVI!
  13. PaulaDeenI love the first kingdom hearts. It's my favorite.
  14. DivineRosemy username is from the keyblade divinerose lol
  15. LadiesMan383birth by sleep

President of The Keyblade Wielders

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