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  1. Tylerseeg Please vote me
  2. Tylerseegplease vote me
  3. mbarnish1fratfrat is where its atat
  4. ScarletteTheQueenhey, woul love to be starred in
  5. LeonM1996I'm gonna leave sorry lol
  6. LeonM1996No problem, thanks though, Tester! :)
  7. TesterWe're trying. I've starred in both aspirants but clearly not everyone is doing their job.
  8. LeonM1996Hey, I've been at 5 votes for a few days, star me in please I'd love to join
  9. michland143
  10. michland143
  11. SlimThiccIconHey this place seems cool! Im new on this site! so id like to make friends!
  12. tcold312Hey guys! Would appreciate being starred in :) Would love to make another friend or two before this site crashes and burns.
  13. BrittBrittI would love to join yall frat. a lot of icons in here
  14. bbfan1074I would love to join yall frat. a lot of icons in here
  15. Zankie16I just want in to make some new friends.

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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