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The FratFrat

It's a Frat, that's called FratFrat, so it's the FratFrat Frat.
Established 2.22.19

❤ We love being a drama free frat. We love everyone for who they are. ❤

Vice President: Sam_Hamwich

Queen Vice President: Blitszims
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❤ Frat Birthdays in March ❤
ConstanceMarie March 2
iYBF March 29
RedsKanto March 31

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Stars Winners

New Frat Mates:
Welcome! We will star you in once someone notices that you aspired to be in the frat. Once you are a member, please make sure that you star in everyone, not just yourself and select people.

No Drama:
We are a drama free frat. Please keep drama out of the frat page and the frat Skype chat.

⭐ Stars Seat Game
DO NOT share any information about the seat game with people outside of the frat. While in the seat game, do NOT star anyone. Whoever steals the seat last and wins it for the frat decides who gets sent in next Stars Game.

TG Games
Forming alliances with frat members is NOT mandatory. Feel free to have whatever friends you want outside of this frat and play games however you desire.

Our Skype Chat:
The FratFrat Frat Chat

President: BrittBritt
Skype: brittla107

Vice President: Sam_Hamwich
Skype: samham.stars

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Public Comments

  1. Zankie16I just want in to make some new friends.
  2. Bigbrother10101just need 1 vote, been like this for a couple days
  4. QueenDaenerysI saw Julian and Padfoot are in this frat and that is why I want to join. I have played on this site before about 4 years ago.
  5. Kevin0621Well that’s a way to get you starred in lol
  6. MunchiesYou know what? I wanted to join this frat because someone said you were open to all people and you even had a skype chat so we could make friends. Now I hear some of you are saying I'm a multi. Well, you can go to hell, I'm not a multi and I don't even know why you'd think this. If you're so sure I'm a multi, report me and let's see what happens.
  7. SkaiiStar me in xox I just resigned as the president of Avalons original frat because I stopped playing so long ago that everyone else left XD but im baack!
  8. MunchiesCome on ppl, I need 8 more votes :(
  9. mbarnish1fratfrat is dying
  10. MunchiesAnd I’m a winner baby, just check my records :p
  11. MunchiesPlease let me in. I’m firm and tough, yet gentle. And I really could use some friends.
  12. SmoothStalker12“Drama free” sure jan
  13. MeganCould I please join? I left my frat because everyone there is inactive.
  14. maturostar me in or this is it for me
  15. TesterJoining this even despite jussy007 being part of it

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Does anyone

5 Blitszims, Mar 25, 2019

Know who made the outfit she is wearing? katen7766
Or can help me get the png


I’m confused

4 Sam_Hamwich, Mar 26, 2019

Are you not allowed to switch between accounts as long as there’s a 7 day grace period in between? Like that’s always been a thing
Wasn’t there a guy who used to have 2 accounts and switch back and forth every couple months or so?



3 Blitszims, Mar 25, 2019

For the 2 crowns and dress and delivery cocacola__96


Thanks for this <3

1 Blitszims, Mar 25, 2019

so loyal <3
and cocacola__96 for safe delivery!


at the end of the day

3 Passionfruit, Mar 25, 2019

I still have bigger titties than you losers

President of The FratFrat

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 8

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