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~ You can be as bitchy as you want, but if you can't take the come-backs then that's not the place for you! Also if I call you a bitch - that's a fucking compliment! ~

President Katherinee_ - The Queen of Hell

Vice President Ari_ - Shachath (The Angel of Death)

Honorable Members:

Crocadilly - Regent of the Nine Covens

KatarinaDuCouteau - The Bridge Between Worlds

Yuno - Yandere Psychopath

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  1. Puakaistar me boos~
  2. Shadowman PLUS THIS
  3. ValiaYou guys slay!
  4. TaddHay guys i need a frat please!
  5. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  6. TessaBrooksplus me again
  7. YunoI am green level now, please accept me
  8. Yunosorry, the inactivity kicked me out but I truly belong here!
  9. RohdenTVD <33
  10. JunKazamalol, I'm not a multi, but okay
  11. Katherinee_No, sorry but we don't accept multis
  12. JunKazamaHope I can join
  13. TessaBrooksJoined because of the nina dobrev picture <3
  14. hadoushYehhh 2 more votes
  15. hadoushThanks for the 3 votes ;D 3 moreee

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Opinions pls

4 Fetish, Oct 17, 2018

Is this a good hairstyle for an Ariana-esque look? I can’t do the classic high pony bc my hair is too short
(It’s a vid)


I want a FUCKING burger

6 Fetish, Oct 18, 2018

But I want to lose weight so I have to buy a salad just like I’ve done for the past month


I HATE people who kpell

2 Fetish, Oct 18, 2018

EVERY damn time they think they’re gonna get vote off. Like SOMEONE has to be voted off, it’s not that deep sis. I get it if they done you dirty, but just bc you’re gonna get voted off is so petty.
In my last 7 merges I was ALWAYS the target and I survived many ties. IMAGINE if I kpelled..


I’m in a mood

1 Fetish, Oct 18, 2018

Where I want to eat A LOT


I was in the Midnight Crew for 2 weeks

2 Fetish, Oct 18, 2018

I deserve this shirt

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