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~ You can be as bitchy as you want, but if you can't take the come-backs then that's not the place for you! Also if I call you a bitch - that's a fucking compliment! ~

President Katherinee_ - The Queen of Hell

Vice President Ari_ - Shachath (The Angel of Death)

Honorable Members:

KatarinaDuCouteau - The Bridge Between Worlds

dvs194 - Lady of the Damned

Crocadilly - Regent of the Nine Covens

Yuno - Yandere Psychopath

The Dark Spirits' Quests:
Find The Bennet's Grimoire
Defeat a Rival Witch Coven

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Public Comments

  1. JonsterPlease star me in this frat! I’m new to TG!!
  2. Yunolet mein
  3. IAmAI would love to join <3
  4. PoohSnaphi hi i'd love to join!
  5. Puakairoot for me in stars boos~
  6. Katherinee_queen of getting back
  7. CutieAmyI got banned but back
  8. Puakaistar me boos~
  9. Shadowman PLUS THIS
  10. ValiaYou guys slay!
  11. TaddHay guys i need a frat please!
  12. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  13. TessaBrooksplus me again
  14. YunoI am green level now, please accept me
  15. Yunosorry, the inactivity kicked me out but I truly belong here!

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Gift me lips

0 Ashleybabyx3, Sep 19, 2019

President of The Dark Side

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