Fraternity The Cult Of Tina Wesson

The Cult Of Tina Wesson

“In the spirit of the Olympics, let the games begin” - Tina Wesson

“No way sister. I love you but this is a million dollar challenge” - Tina Wesson

"Strategy, played a big part in getting me here" - Tina Wesson

"Survivor is a experience that never fails to deliver" - Tina Wesson

Praise our one holy mother Tina Wesson. Best Survivor winner ever, and keeper of our hearts. May she reign supreme forever, and her robbery in all seasons be erased. Game Changer, Millionaire, Winner in LIFE, LOVE, and LAUGHTER, we look towards her for a brighter future <3

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  1. peace123This is an amazing frat!

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