Fraternity The Beer Society!


The Beer Society!
Est. 2013

Here at the Beer Society, we love and respect all types of beer, but one thing's for certain: There's no beer like Canadian beer!!!

President(Can.) - StraightLoonie
Vice President(U.S.) - ASupreme

We promise loyalty and friendship, but we're most proud of our knack to have a hell of a fun time and remain sexy all the same.

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Public Comments

  1. adamgrantLove you guys 26th sept 2019 <3333333
  2. EricfxRound of beers for everyone on me 🍻
  3. WpwSers196what happend to us all did we all get kicked ?
  4. chillumthis frat seems cool 💜beer star me in if u want
  5. IrahetoLmao “*PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION*” been up there for 5 years
  6. IrahetoThis place smells like urine
  7. cheritaisdeliciouslol wtf I was inactive so long I got booted. Star me
  8. _faboluz00_sttar mmm back
  10. ParawhoreHey How'd I get kicked out?
  11. teo89star for me pls
  12. kevrev4I was in this a while ago, but would love to join again :)
  13. Brxanid join but in a charity already :(
  14. StraightLoonie<3
  15. jsylvia76this os my 2nd favorite frat cuz everyone here is sexy an curte;) love you all<33

President of The Beer Society!

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Min. votes to continue: 2

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