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I love Harley Quinn.

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  1. garrievans97WHO UNSTARRED ME WTF
  2. levoniniplus me
  3. lepii like this frat i love the movie and Harley Quinn is amazing
  4. CarsonlIf ur gay, don't bother joining
  6. animeddpotterI just got backstabbed by my friend :( he said some horrible things and I think he might move to a new target so everyone be careful, he can really screw up ur life like he did to me but never make an alliance with him he'll backstab u then talk shit about u to the other candidates. his username is @duncankiler
  7. animeddpotteri need ten votes
  8. Marylandi need one more vote smh
  9. KatarinaDuCouteaucome at me bitch if u have the balls message me on facebook
  10. TayBear17kat is a man, and it was confirmed and thats why he came crawling back to his boyfriend tanner, dont try it fat cunt
  11. KatarinaDuCouteauthis is my home thanx
  12. Marylandplus me back in had to help a friend with a frat
  13. udjm54Suicide isn't funny asswholes.
  14. EnidI cant wait for Hillary Clinton Our first Female president to invest into mental health for you.
  15. Kristen1010hi

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