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-nuzzle nuzzle- rawr :3
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  1. tiffanox3Super weird
  2. Stunzer
  3. zakisabossweird
  4. yoshicoolmanlook at me and what do you see?
  5. SAWCHUK55No, no, no Stick to the stuff you know If you wanna be cool Follow one simple rule Don't mess with the flow, no no Stick to the status quo

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60 The Gauntlet

25 LittleMix, Jun 18, 2019

Gauntlet 3 Format
I need 30. Pick a team also xo


Quote from Mr. Kingb

4 bamold1999, Jun 18, 2019

"She's smart because she can look through telescopes and shit" ~ Kingb24

38 The Gauntlet RESULTS!!!!!

1 LittleMix, Jun 18, 2019
Easy season. Never doing it again cause it's boring. Grats to all the winners lmao
also ignore the fact that it was supposed to be 2 elims per ep and i did 1 elim for twice as long haha..

30 Battle For Dream Island..

2 LittleMix, Jun 18, 2019

Sorry for this one taking forever, I hated every second of charting this ty.
It's Season..



2 bamold1999, Jun 19, 2019

why is Roshy obsessing over someone else. Sister, focus on yourself a bit more rather than putting all your energy into attacking other people. Trust me, you need to focus on yourself you are one hell of a mess

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