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  1. bigbrotherlover7okay fuck yall too bye
  2. tiffanox3Super weird
  3. Stunzer
  4. zakisabossweird
  5. yoshicoolmanlook at me and what do you see?
  6. SAWCHUK55No, no, no Stick to the stuff you know If you wanna be cool Follow one simple rule Don't mess with the flow, no no Stick to the status quo

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~Stun's LoL All Stars: Episode 5~

0 Stunzer, Aug 20, 2019

- 50 Champions that I consider my (near) best, 10 from every lane.
- Every week, they'll be graded by OP.GG Score, which calculates your champion's score based on Plat+ performances
- The bottom of every week will be eliminated until The Top 15, revealing my top 3 from every lane, then only 1 per..



1 immaxyman, Aug 20, 2019

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