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-nuzzle nuzzle- rawr :3
Receipts or ur Tati
Officer Togepi
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  1. bigbrotherlover7okay fuck yall too bye
  2. tiffanox3Super weird
  3. Stunzer
  4. zakisabossweird
  5. yoshicoolmanlook at me and what do you see?
  6. SAWCHUK55No, no, no Stick to the stuff you know If you wanna be cool Follow one simple rule Don't mess with the flow, no no Stick to the status quo

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For every 30 points

6 bamold1999, Dec 4, 2019

i'll tag someone I want to get to know better.
30 - Bbfan1074
60 - Woah
90 - Kelly2722
120 - Lovelykiss


Do you ever use a dating app

6 Ethan000, Dec 4, 2019

And somebody exponentially more attractive than you starts chatting you up and saying how they want to meet and you're like "How are you talking to me rn?"
Because same.

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