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  1. StyxxeI like mike, but I like you more ;)
  2. djkapI wish Sansa Stark would just die already
  3. Original_Ghi :) interested in joining
  4. MillzzCan I join plz? I'll be very proactive in the frat. My last frat was weak :/

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12 koolness234, Jan 16, 2018

First of all this list is completely my opinion remember that before you decide to get your pitchforks out. I will not be including myself on this list even though I did win in 2017 :). Also for those suggesting placements for themselves in pms feel free to make your own list and tag me in them...


Serious Question

5 koolness234, Jan 16, 2018

Is any Tengageder that lives around or in London free to go look at some documents in your national archives. I am doing a paper on why our government started to research U.F.Os and why they also decided to withhold the information from the general public until just recently. Your government just..


Extra numbers

1 Thirteen, Jan 16, 2018

Same amount of kindness....0. finn315 finn3155 Bluejay762 Bluejay7622


Been on this site over 7 years

3 amills5, Jan 16, 2018

Never once have i been in the HOF for anything. LMAO


And to think

3 Thirteen, Jan 16, 2018

we used to be enemies with me fantasizing about you dying in all sorts of violent ways, but our relationship was healing. Well, you've flushed all that progress down the toilet tonight. I hope you are happy, Finn. You may be on a new account but you're still the same scumbag you always were. Why..

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