Fraternity SpajzK

Welcome everyone and thanks for joining. Were new and our goal is to be the top frat on the game. Not with a bunch of members but with a lot of members that like each other and respect each other.

1: Star the leader of the frat and all the members. Dont star aspirants unless told to do so by the leader or a highly starred member in the frat.
2: Chat in the public and private chat with other frat members.
3: Dont nom or evict other frat members in games.
4: No disrespecting other frat members.
5: Dont disrespect our alliance frat(s).
6: Have fun.

Dont star aspirants unless told to do so by a high starred member in the frat or by the leader.

Frats we are alliance with:

Our frats highest rank ever: 85th

Hope you enjoy.

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Public Comments

  1. JeffProbsttTf
  2. BigwillystaCan I get any more votes plz
  3. sheeba11come on let me in plzzzzz
  4. BigwillystaHey what's up plz let me in
  5. sheeba11please let me in
  6. meggles5998what is this?
  7. Lynx774100made f3 in fastings sorry sky i didn't ever vote against you
  8. keegan2I made one and won and i made one today and got 2nd
  9. skyforce25np.
  10. cann2009thanks
  11. skyforce25congrats dude. Hope you get first.
  12. cann2009Whoo Just made another top 3 in a fastings!
  13. DrummerboyAre you kidding me? Someone is taking my stars away? I was at 7 like everyone else. now im at 6
  14. skyforce25hey bamkayla. I see you want to join. Well were new and were going to grow to a top frat. Then you can say you were a first in the frat.
  15. april123 En

President of SpajzK

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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