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Sophrosyne ~ est 4.14.14
(n.) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self control, moderation and a deep awareness of one's true self, resulting in true happiness

To everyone who is thinking “I want to get there” and also to everyone who is thinking “I’ll never get there”— you will. Even if it’s a battle, keep fighting because you are good and strong and valuable, and your happiness is worth it.

Highest Ranking: 1st 3.13.17
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1. Do not star in any aspirants until it's discussed. We manage membership so there is no drama or chaos. Feel free to leave comments below or mail me if you have thoughts on any aspirants. They must be active and at least a yellow level to be considered.

2. It's not mandatory to form alliances with frat mates in games, but you should treat other members with kindness & respect at all times

3. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all - this is a peaceful frat

4. Everything we do in the frat is completely confidential. Do not discuss frat business in public or with non members

5. I do not remove people from the frat. If you login to find that you are no longer a member, you have been automatically removed due to inactivity. If you wish to rejoin, all you have to do is become an aspirant again. No problemo!

6. When in the Stars Seat game, please only guess TWO/THREE times per game so it allows others a chance to try. If you notice we have a guess available, simply post in the comments for someone to notice or mail a frat mate you see online. Do not discuss the game in public or with non frat members please.

◘ President: Kara/k4r4k
◘ VP: Nick/Njkoda1998
◘ Social Chair: Austin/Austino15fffan & Nick/Nick24678
◘ Marshall: Vacant

To the Aspirants:
It is helpful that you know current members or make the effort to get to know the members in order to be starred into the frat. We welcome new members, but we'd like to know a little about you first :)

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  1. Terrnywhats everyone up to?
  2. zachboy967appreciate the stars!
  3. ChristmasBob Hello.
  4. asdasd21Hi guys :)
  5. Jacadeuxthat last star tho.
  6. chillumstay me in thanks:)
  7. Yandereboy12Frat click on mine here and help me to spam me safe
  8. tundrahenry101Hey guys I’d LOVE to get in this frat! I’m loyal, a strong player, and wanna make new friends!
  9. LimaBeanemo af
  10. dustin24688642Got...uh, banned a few weeks ago lmfao. Please let me back in<3 love you fam!
  11. DavidM7Started a first HoH rookies if anyone wants to play with me 😄
  12. Jacko308can i be starred in??
  13. JiveHello everyone! Would love if you would plus these designs :) Will do anything in return. Thank you!
  14. DavidM7Love and miss you all 💕
  15. SharonMaItemsLADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF SOPHROSYNE!! PLEASE VOTE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN37 HERE -> poll/bigbrother-game-189026 <-

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One of the saddest episodes

2 M2thamax, Mar 24, 2019

Of #TheWalkingDead in quite a while!
Still pretty upset :(


Big Brother U.S Rankings :259th

2 Yandereboy12, Mar 24, 2019

Jacob Big Brother 9 16th/last
Ew this little shit was awful and almost screwed queen Sharon when he got this "lovebirds" evicted cause of some twist where jen and parker could send a duo home thank god that Sharon came back other than that Jacob is the reason why we had to deal with..


Big Brother U.S Rankings :260th

4 Yandereboy12, Mar 24, 2019

Steve Big brother 20 placement / 16th/last
So Steve... Honestly I didn't like him as he was B - O - R - I - N - G anyways he said he was going to enter without anyone knowing he was a cop and I don't know how he was a cop going in he was a flop in the hoh comp and you could tell he was going to..


5 games away from my 1k game

3 austino15fffan, Mar 24, 2019

Would anyone join a charity for me?


The only thing more sad

1 M2thamax, Mar 25, 2019

About tonight's episode of TWD...…
Was watching the 'In memoriam' on the after show, Talking Dead!
I thought I was done crying, but it happened again :(

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