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Sophrosyne ~ est 4.14.14
(n.) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self control, moderation and a deep awareness of one's true self, resulting in true happiness

To everyone who is thinking “I want to get there” and also to everyone who is thinking “I’ll never get there”— you will. Even if it’s a battle, keep fighting because you are good and strong and valuable, and your happiness is worth it.

Highest Ranking: 1st 3.13.17
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Frat mate of the month: ROBBYJAK

1. Do not star in any aspirants until it's discussed. We manage membership so there is no drama or chaos. Feel free to leave comments below or mail me if you have thoughts on any aspirants. They must be active and at least a yellow level to be considered.

2. It's not mandatory to form alliances with frat mates in games, but you should treat other members with kindness & respect at all times

3. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all - this is a peaceful frat

4. Everything we do in the frat is completely confidential. Do not discuss frat business in public or with non members

5. I do not remove people from the frat. If you login to find that you are no longer a member, you have been automatically removed due to inactivity. If you wish to rejoin, all you have to do is become an aspirant again. No problemo!

6. When in the Stars Seat game, please only guess TWO/THREE times per game so it allows others a chance to try. If you notice we have a guess available, simply post in the comments for someone to notice or mail a frat mate you see online. Do not discuss the game in public or with non frat members please.

◘ President: Kara/k4r4k
◘ VP: Nick/Njkoda1998
◘ Social Chair: Austino15fffan
◘ Marshall: Adam/adamsel

To the Aspirants:
It is helpful that you know current members or make the effort to get to know the members in order to be starred into the frat. We welcome new members, but we'd like to know a little about you first :)

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  1. DomminicJust won a castings so I went from Orange to Dark Green, not sure if any of that matters but I would love to be apart ❤️
  2. DomminicHey guys! I am interested in being apart of this frat, I may not have alot of experience but I could be a worthy ally and a good fratmember :)
  3. AichiviAdushey y'alll it's the queen of skype games and more, Aichivi!!!! glad for you all to meet me. ;)
  4. connorfitz15hello!
  5. Vanille_Please Star me I've heard great things!
  6. nnewman3Don’t trust grrrimabear in games because he is a bully & a jerk
  8. NoChildSupport
  9. levvyhi guys! i would love to join this frat. star me in?
  10. Chris1080Hey guys please join this fast frookies
  11. gkg0718Hey! I was wondering if I can be a part of this frat because I love peace and harmony and enjoy making people smile :)
  12. Tiny54Hi I really would like to be in this frat because I know paige, lex and nochildsupport
  13. mbyrdpiratestell Sloth roman i said thanks
  14. SuitMan13-- CRYSTAL DOME -- AZTEC PHYSICAL COMP! One member of your team must mail me 10 mails in 10 seconds, timestamp proven, to get your next clue!
  15. Pizza4256hey everyone, i know some people in this frat and im looking for a frat that seems like a great one and i think i found it,i would love it if you would star me in

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5 NJKoda1998, Jan 19, 2018

Here we go again I guess.
Thank you again to everyone who saved me last time, but I need your help once again to stay in the game!
Throughout this game, as a rookie, yes I did look to my close friends to understand how the game operated, because as someone who just clicked a button in the poll..


Thank you 51.3%

3 NJKoda1998, Jan 19, 2018


I remember the last time I played Stars

3 GrrrImABear, Jan 20, 2018

it was last May, I was blood level and paid the 300$T to enroll and play, and no one talked to me (besides NotAfraid and EliotWhi), come to find out the rest of the cast had no who I was and thought I was a "random purple level" and refused to talk to me LOL


Old Deal > New Deal

1 GoodKaren, Jan 20, 2018


Me at CBB

0 austino15fffan, Jan 20, 2018

"Yeah of the Women!!!"
First three evicted are all women

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