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The mission for smile more is to spread positive thoughts, words and actions throughout Tengaged.We want to take a stand against bully's and the mentality that being a bully is cool and fun. Making others feel less then what and who they are is never ok.
See something, Say something.

We welcome people who are willing to spread kind words and gestures. We believe in loyalty but are aware that Survivor and Big Brother are all about backstabbing and climbing your way to the top and that's acceptable and encouraged but if getting to the top means being a bully, mean and or nasty to fellow tg'ers then its not worth it. Treat others how you would want to be treated. If a fellow tg'er is down, say something to them. Even if they were not the nicest in the past. Maybe that's all it will take to change their day.

Multi Rule.
As of 9/8/17 #smilemore will no longer allow multis or anyone with a multi in the frat. Anyone that had a multi is grandfathered in. The multis must follow the #smilemore mission and not be in another frat
Civility Clause,
While in #smilemore we the exec team ask our members aka friends to abstain from making negative blogs about other people in the frat or the frat itself. We also ask that you treat the other members to be at the very least civil to each other. We ask that you do post any personal drama in the frat Skype chat nor the frat private or public comments. We ask that if you have an issue please bring it to the president. He/She will do their best to remedy the situation. Please Star in everyone that the president says even if you don't like them. We want everyone to be even and feel like they are just as welcome as everyone else.
Stars Game
We ask that each member only guesses twice during the stars game. If you guess you must post immediately what your guess was in the frat private comments on TG, If you guess and don't comment you will get a warning. The second time you will be asked to no guess. The last guess of the game is to be saved for the last minute of the game Please.

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  1. plsnokillmeDang, I like you guys lol but I’ll have to try a different frat
  2. M_Davis1998Multis are not allowed in Smile More, plsnokillme, especially during the stars game. Sorry
  3. plsnokillmeHello I’m a multi but I’m a good person and I will be loyal pls star me
  4. MissKateHey :) would love to join if you’ll have me
  5. Bluejay7622Star me in!!
  7. plsnokillmePlease star me in
  8. funkymonkeyrude
  9. gkg0718My account was hacked! Please let me back in!
  10. WeblyThe name of this frat is so passive aggressive I can't
  11. makingallfall2"Treat others as you would want to be treated"! Speaks Integrity to me! I come with strong core values stated on your frat wall and would like to be accepted! Mail me if any questions!
  12. ChadWick92Smile More - Roman Atwood
  13. 2388Bye guys, it's been fun <33! This is a GREAT frat btw and never forget, smile more!
  14. heatherlum
  15. zhennvm I changed my mind.

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