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Fraternity Seize The Power

Something new for people to get involved in, I will be doing blog games, frat games, TG games specifically for frat members to win gift prizes and just things in general that could make this a great community. A place for us to Seize the Power, Together.


Yonaka - Nathan
jhelsdon2478 - Jason
Boombubble - Sammy
Ratchett - Jake
Simpizzle - Steven
J4ckWilko - Jack
Marilise - Christian
QueenLuna - Luna
LaCroix - Jeffrey
Amnesia_ - Jonny
Johneh - Johneh
Rellizuraddixion - Rell
Ryan_Luke - Ryan
LivvieBoo12 - Liv
VanitySmurf - Blu
kevrev4 - Kev
dustinb333 - Dustin
lukesurvives - Luke
yus222 - Yus
jerrysgirl2011 - Racheal
captainzacsparrow - Zach

^ Names updated every Saturday

Reminder to buy a raffle ticket every week! Not many people actually buy these!

Vice President - Jason
Games Co-ordinator - Jack

Frat Competitions coming very soon! << JOIN THE GROUP


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Public Comments

  1. jtb354Hi everyone! My name is Justin and I have been off this site for awhile now, but I am back! I am looking to make some friends and just help people get to where they want to be on this site! I would love to be apart of your group! Please let me know if you have any questions!
  2. kevrev4 Save me in this poll please!
  3. LivvieBoo12Sorry Rach and Boom I shouldn't believe rumours so easily ily both <3
  4. MariliseHi again! Sorry, I had a bad day yesterday.. give me stars 😋
  5. manafaThx guys :)
  6. BoombubbleWelcome to the frat manafa 👍🏼👍🏼
  7. lukesurvivesWelcome to the frat, Shane!
  8. BoombubbleHow can kiara join? Do we need to invite
  9. lukesurvivesBlu, thank you.
  10. YonakaWe’d love to have you Kiara ❤️
  11. Marilisejoin us Kiara!! ❤
  12. Kiara_xoxoI want to join this omg seem fun
  13. MariliseThank u Vani :)
  14. VanitySmurfPlussed all blogs.
  15. LaCroixif that casting fills we can join the next frooks

Top blogs from Seize The Power


Can we thank this guy

1 J4ckWilko, Apr 20, 2021

Every year he posts an anniversary blog of the Columbine Massacre to show that the victims of this horrific event will not be forgotten and without his blog. Many people maybe even myself would forget the anniversary but people like..


... guys, how else do I say it?

10 Ratchett, Apr 20, 2021

What else am I supposed to say in this email?? This is the 4th time in 2 months my head manager is making me do a 9 day stretch of work. I’m over it. I’m fucking lazy, so why am I working like I’m not? Phillip finna catch these hands
Hey Phillip!!
I have no upcoming..


Another day

3 Elian, Apr 20, 2021

Another 12th place in frooks


i don’t care

1 abstractjay, Apr 20, 2021

who the king of tengaged is. “king” is a common term on this site anyway


5 mins til the verdict

0 Ratchett, Apr 20, 2021

Everyone please hope for the best outcome possible.
This is a pivotal moment!!

President of Seize The Power

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 3

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