Fraternity Saints & Sinners

There are no rules here, I mean lets be real, if there were, would you actually follow them?

Work together if you want, or don't.
Stay loyal to each other, or don't.
Rules suck. Society is filled with rules, Tengaged is filled with rules.. so bend them when you can, and give em hell.

All that I ask is you don't star in multis, and that we don't star anyone in during the Stars Seat game.

"Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

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  1. mbarnish1cute frat :)
  2. Harleyif the frat oblige a specific purpose or y'all are simply good friends, then I understand :D
  3. Harleywould love to join :)
  4. mbarnish1hey hey hey
  5. Paraloxstar me in
  6. countrysavagestar me in
  7. yarnhii
  8. andalarew_2231Look at this iconic Logo i wonder who made it
  9. spartagowStar me
  10. maturono
  11. JordanLloydFanstar don/maturo

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"Koolness ruined wildboys..

1 Funnehliner, Apr 23, 2019

This guy has been in jail like three times for the dumbest shit so he clearly knows how to fuck himself up and the ignorant ass sympathizer comments need to stop


Wildboy was in jail for violence before

0 Funnehliner, Apr 23, 2019

He’s certainly someone capable of killing children



1 Harley, Apr 23, 2019

Maturo is so sad lmao
Mocking me for going offline whilst in Stars....
TRULY SORRY that I arranged something with friends and preferred to do that over skyping for an online game SORRYYYYY

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