Fraternity Role Play Squad

Role Play Squad

If you love role plays this is a frat you will love
Also this is a frat for anyone come join make friends
Role plays create tight bonds!

If a frat member needs help and needs people to plus or vote for them
Feel free to mail all of your fellow frat members we must help a member if there in need

Role play squad we are fam!
We all are gonna stay loyal to eachother. We will help each member if they they need help.

Please tell us if you are having a charity we would gladly help
*****STAR EVERYONE*********but don't star aspirants when we have the star set

Highest rank:27

Absolutely need to star

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Public Comments

  1. Jjred45I be a aspirant for ever
  2. Rocketokid13Star me please, cheers.
  3. HayleyTheUnicornhello
  4. RyanAndrewswhy am i not a member yet
  5. Aydanmac01STAR ME IN XO
  6. RyanAndrews2 more votes
  7. TMtyler360yah I would XD
  8. RyanAndrewsWhere all my RP players are at
  9. bufufyneanyone wanna rp with me????
  10. bufufyneI just wanted to say that I'm joining because I wanted to find some more roleplay partners! though I have gotten rusty ._.
  11. dvs194hey everyone :D please star me in XD
  12. BrettTheJet21Star me in please!
  13. CamXmaya JOIN HOGWARTS
  14. Avatar20STARR ME PLS
  15. DillyDallySTAR ME IN

President of Role Play Squad

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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