Fraternity River Vixens

River Vixens frat:

Only cute & friendly people are welcome in our squad :*

*Please join only if you're gonna remain somewhat active on this site, we don't want no dead people!*

- As a River Vixen you must remain loyal to fellow frat members in games. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you have many friends in a game. But please, just try your best! It's not that hard little pumpkins <3

- Be nice :) It's not a difficult task to achieve you catatonic bimbos!!

- Always be in the mood for chaos.
Can't follow these simple rules listed above? Don't worry, consider this your last practice as River Vixens. You're fired on all fronts.


That's all, shoo bitches. Let's dance <3

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  1. ClassiCaz5Star me in pwease I need a new frat
  2. Sameed27start me in because I got banned so it made me leave
  3. EmberMoonAnyone need a part time or full time job check out this site even they offer custom resume covers choose the most professional for you!
  4. LiMartiinsHey guys ❤
  5. Talian*knocks knocks* is there a spot for me here?:)
  6. DiannaI guess im not wanted here. :(
  7. SteefanoBut cute and friendly!!!!
  8. SteefanoVlad you're always welcome!
  9. Vlad21Only cute & friendly people are welcome in our squad :* Guess this isnt for me

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bryce was talking

2 Sameed27, Jun 26, 2019

about much he craves Eli on call last night.


Anyone want

1 Sameed27, Jun 25, 2019

to roblox survivor with lexeyjane & I?
pls mail me ur username


I was half awake

2 Sameed27, Jun 25, 2019

It’s not my fault you guys can’t draw.. smh


What an underwhelming

0 Sameed27, Jun 25, 2019


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