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Fraternity River Vixens

River Vixens frat:

Only cute & friendly people are welcome in our squad :*

*Please join only if you're gonna remain somewhat active on this site, we don't want no dead people!*

- As a River Vixen you must remain loyal to fellow frat members in games. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you have many friends in a game. But please, just try your best! It's not that hard little pumpkins <3

- Be nice :) It's not a difficult task to achieve you catatonic bimbos!!

- Always be in the mood for chaos.
Can't follow these simple rules listed above? Don't worry, consider this your last practice as River Vixens. You're fired on all fronts.


That's all, shoo bitches. Let's dance <3

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  1. SteefanoMy phone got weird and started to do stuff so I'm back again lol 馃専 me in yall
  2. SteefanoI'm back.
  3. SteefanoHello! :)
  4. vaggelisNot clowninggtones
  5. masquiNo the libz
  6. mrhazeleyeshello :)
  7. vaggelisHello guys
  8. Lamiahiiiii
  9. PettyLaBelleplease star me in sweets <3
  10. JonsterStar me!!
  11. Amnesia_Star me my favs 馃槝
  12. Hunnastar me i love riverdale omg
  13. Amnesia_Star me my favs xo
  14. txrgaryenvote for me thnkx xoxo
  15. LamiaI am back

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After 2 years of searching

14 Steefano, Jan 21, 2022

I finally got a job!!! Im so happy right now! and i hope you all have an wonderful day aswell! :) <3

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Min. votes to continue: 2

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