Fraternity On the Edge

We do not care what gender you are
We do not care what race you are
We do not care what religion you are
We do not care what language you speak
We're just here to have a fun time.

In this fraternity, we will not stand for any sort of racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind. Let's also try to stay away from the topics of religion and politics.

Please STAR EVERYONE unless told otherwise.

/ \

Currently ranked 36th
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Maddog2001 (resigned)
Cameronparkinson (resigned)
Plai (resigned)
StarySky (resigned)
Helsinki (resigned)

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  1. TaraGlol @peaceofshit123 being so obsessed
  2. JackEdgeAKAtheEdge:P
  3. FRACEYI am here again. <333 i l y Jack & Tara
  4. JackEdgeAKAtheEdgeCall me a freak if you want. I don't care what you think of me :P And Tara isn't even 50 years old, so that would mean something entered her pussy before she was born, which obviously didn't happen
  5. FRACEYplus me in <3
  6. peace123Reminder that Tarag is made of leather and her pussy coughs dust because nothing has visited it in 50 years and Jack Edge is still a freak
  7. JackEdgeAKAtheEdgepeace123? More like peaceofshit XD
  8. peace123tara and jack are the perfect couple i cant wait for jack to leave his wife for tara's dry and saggy pussy
  9. Dmpwb45Hey you there! Are you any good at group games? If you are, you could win $50 Cash prize or tengaged gift
  10. FireXTnxx for not telling me you wanted to leave before hand tara.

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Adele's CBBUK Winter 2018 Rankings- Day..

3 adeleadele, Jan 17, 2018

15th Ginuwine (-1)
14th Daniel (+1)
13th Rachel (0)
12th Ashley (-3)
11th Shane L (+1)
10th Jonny (-2)
9th John (+2)
8th Maggie (+2)
7th Wayne (0)
6th Andrew (-1)
5th Jess (-1)
4th Malika (-1)
3rd Amanda (+3)
2nd Courtney/Shane J (0)
1st Ann (0)
Biggest Climb- Amanda (+3)


bueno ya comenze a verlo me gusto mucho..

0 scottmaster2, Jan 17, 2018

me encantaria ser el secuaz de freedy jajajjajaja le mato a toda la ciudad para el y lo que mas me gusto es cuando le dice tu tienes el cuerpo y yo tengo el cerebro y expone el cerebro tambien me gusto cuando mata las dos chicas y el chico luego de jugar con uss garras dejando libre la imaginacion..


Freedyy haciendo una matanza en una..

0 scottmaster2, Jan 17, 2018

Mi sueño ahora son todos mios dice jajaja amo a este señor

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