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President: C00LDUDE1000
Vice Presidents: koolcoop, Memphis_grizzlies, noah_kondon
Game Coordinators: bananahdgx101, joneduardo, lifeiscool, asjc
Copy and paster: Marktint_1
Noob of the month: jjvawesomeness0511

President - Makes the biggest decisions for the frat

Vice Presidents - sometimes vote on an issue in the frat and set up games for the frat to play together

Game Coordinators - encourages frat members to join games together

Spies/recruiters - spy on other frats for the frat seat and persuade people to join the frat

Noob of the week - featured frat member of the week



1. Do not tell ANYONE that we have the frat seat if we have it
2. Limit 4 guesses per people each week.
3. Guess within the last 1 minutes of the game on the last guess.
4. If we win, whoever guesses the winning guess enters stars unless he or she does not want to.


How Noob of the Month and Year work! Starting 2018

1. You must become noob of the month to be eligible for noob of the year
2. The two most voted to be a contestant of noob of the month will be placed in a poll with the previous noob of the month to become the new noob of the month.


Noob of the week each week:
11/25/17 - Memphis_Grizzlies
12/2/17 - Lifeiscool
12/9/17 - BlueStar1367
12/16/17 - joneduardo
12/23/17 - TheDeceiver
1/1/18 (Noob of 2017) - Lifeiscool
1/7/18 - thewolfman
1/14/18 - eric_136
Noob of January: iFart
Noob of February: jjvawesomeness0511

mail list (tv star level)

joneduardo Marktint_1 sk9ergal Memphis_grizzlies asjc falconbait26 koolcoop cryptspartan

eyecandy jordaaan Ashelymcdrama asloan jjvawesomeness0511 acosta1539 morenita sparky4444

pinkwires petrichor Scamander jamest99 bb123 sportsman25 kingsman lifeiscool

tomato mikasa prince sharonawesome13 JunKazama AquaBlossom eric_136

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Public Comments

  1. CalebDaBossplz star me in
  2. jjvawesomeness0511 vote for me here
  3. WadePlease star me in
  4. WadeI want to come back!!!!!
  5. QweenAarynCan someone else please star me. I really want to join :)
  6. QweenAarynCan you guys please star me in
  7. Amnesia_Iโ€™d love to join this Frat!
  8. JunKazamaI hope I can join
  9. jjvawesomeness0511Hey fellow noobs! Can you join my rookies charity? I will try to take you guys as far as I can! If you join
  10. dogesstudiosvote me for president guys
  11. Arizona_Star meh in
  12. Chava3 more please vote me in
  13. FlossGirlI'm a noob and want to join! :)
  14. Chava
  15. Chavahi please vote me in thank you

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Doors of a billionaire

0 Marktint_1, Apr 20, 2018

You know ๐Ÿง what I have? ๐Ÿค”
A fucking car ๐Ÿš˜ with fucking doors ๐Ÿšช that open like this /โ€”/
<__/> not โ— like this
^__^\ not โŒ like this
These are not ๐Ÿšซ the doors ๐Ÿšช of a billionaire ๐Ÿ’ฐ, Richard


join vivor plz

0 jjvawesomeness0511, Apr 20, 2018

and ill apps. may-july hosted  by burgerman and i.

President of Noobville!

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

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