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President: C00LDUDE1000
Vice Presidents: koolcoop, Memphis_grizzlies, noah_kondon
Game Coordinators: bananahdgx101, joneduardo, lifeiscool, asjc
Copy and paster: Marktint_1
Noob of the week: eric_136

President - Makes the biggest decisions for the frat

Vice Presidents - sometimes vote on an issue in the frat and set up games for the frat to play together

Game Coordinators - encourages frat members to join games together

Spies/recruiters - spy on other frats for the frat seat and persuade people to join the frat

Noob of the week - featured frat member of the week



1. Do not tell ANYONE that we have the frat seat if we have it
2. Limit 4 guesses per people each week.
3. Guess within the last 1 minutes of the game on the last guess.
4. If we win, whoever guesses the winning guess enters stars unless he or she does not want to.


How Noob of the Month and Year work! Starting 2018

1. You must become noob of the month to be eligible for noob of the year
2. The two most voted to be a contestant of noob of the month will be placed in a poll with the previous noob of the week to become the new noob of the week.


Noob of the week each week:
11/25/17 - Memphis_Grizzlies
12/2/17 - Lifeiscool
12/9/17 - BlueStar1367
12/16/17 - joneduardo
12/23/17 - TheDeceiver
1/1/18 (Noob of 2017) - Lifeiscool
1/7/18 - thewolfman
1/14/18 - eric_136
mail list (tv star level)

asjc joneduardo marktint_1 cmmc falconbait26 koolcoop sk9ergal bluestar1367

noah_kondon lifeiscool asloan ashelymcdrama Memphis_grizzlies cryptspartan eyecandy jordaaan

acosta1539 _bel wade jjvawesomeness0511 thedeceiver birew34 eric_136 sparky4444

jaajdbfd thewolfman saltycracker benp428 bananahdgx101 bb123 princej morenita

jamest99 benp428 Scamander 12375i madir imapineapple sportsfan25 janey123

patboar bblover123 lady_serena jonaynay ifart maxs2022 database

Sausage1 redbaby mslaughs freddyx zizzylion allentork pinkwires

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Public Comments

  1. FlossGirlI'm a noob and want to join! :)
  2. Chava
  3. Chavahi please vote me in thank you
  4. JohnyBHi all
  5. MikasaWwe Fans:
  6. MsLaughsDo you need a clown in your team? :D
  7. Janey123Please vote me in!
  8. iFart*farts*
  9. DatabasePlease vote me in, true noob here!
  10. Scamanderstar me in!!
  11. JamesT99Hii. Please vote for me so I can join. 馃槉馃槃
  12. bananahdgx101Please give me votes I鈥檒l vote you back
  13. SaltyCrackertbh not even sure how frats work but hi !
  14. LucaCalixto14Hi guys
  15. thickthotsonlyim a thick thot

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5 jjvawesomeness0511, Jan 18, 2018

I think around Middle East is the most violent too. And America, lol


4channer Fail

1 Marktint_1, Jan 17, 2018

Today in school we had a subsitute teacher in one of my classes and I pulled an epic prank on the whole class. When he had to leave the classroom for a few minutes, I went up the whiteboard and wrote TROLOLOLOL in all caps (for those of you who don鈥檛 know, this is the catchphrase of the Troll Face..


PYN for an honest onion

1 jjvawesomeness0511, Jan 18, 2018



An apple a day...

0 jjvawesomeness0511, Jan 18, 2018

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