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Fraternity Noob Assistance

Who want to make a good account and get good placings in games... i can help you in fasting/frookies and as much as i possibly can in casting/rookies... i can plus all blogs + designs by 14 soon to be 15!

I'm one of the longest running members (over 4 years) so ask me any question and i'd probably be able to give an answer!

-Noob Assistance-

Created: 26/9/12
Started Recruiting Noobs: 27/9/12

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Public Comments

  1. HarleyRIP all
  2. joey65409hi
  3. Missalice3lol
  4. TheSexBeastwhy are there all 0's?
  5. zacharytspencerwhat happend to jason
  6. Drummerboywhat happened i was just a member and now im not
  7. zacharytspencerwhat happend
  8. lewisharris12omg this isanoying ijust want to get in with evrne and not ge putbac downthe bottom
  9. lewisharris12bu all the 5 and 4 hav anoth vots s why they all dwn here wit me
  10. lewisharris12ii get 1 more i a gethem ll back in
  11. lewisharris12 re vote me please in the frat
  12. lewisharris121more vote so please vote me
  13. lewisharris12revote e i need votes
  14. lewisharris12please re vot me i just nee 2 more votes
  15. lewisharris12vte meplase i need some vtes

President of Noob Assistance

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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