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Reincarnation of Noobs United (much rip):
Reincarnation of Noobville (rip):

Created 10/20/18

If we win the stars seat, who enters stars will be determined by:
1. activity
2. Whoever stole the seat throughout the game
3. number of guesses throughout the previous stars seat game
4. eligibility to join stars on your own (black level and below have a better chance at getting more points from this category)
5. popularity (I will post a blog)

When the frat was formed: #300
10/21/18 - #47
10/22/18 - #28
10/24/18 - #21
10/25/18 - #14
11/12/18 - #12
11/13/18 - #10
11/26/18 - #6

Please wait until the end of the stars seat game to star aspirants unless otherwise specified

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Public Comments

  1. scrolldragsixI was already in this but for some reason im not now?? want to get back in
  2. PaytonscottThanks guys
  3. VeraclaeThanks for 5 Stars :D
  4. PaytonscottCan I join again?
  5. VeraclaeCan i be star'ed in? :D
  6. gumball221520I am doing A blog gameshow here click the link and check it out!
  7. Illbeurfriendcan y'all please starr me in :))
  8. noobsmoke13Is there anyone interested in applying for a Survivor groupgame with me? It requires a partner app
  9. noobsmoke13I am hoping to get even better with my second season, SURVIVOR: TARANSAY!
  10. hellocatplease save me here:
  11. Kgilbert08Please star me in guys
  13. IsrRaelBrHelp me
  14. supercooldrew5Hey noobs. Wanna help out a sort of noob and plus this for me?
  15. noobsmoke13please plus guys

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NotNicky is racist as hell

2 Jasoi, Feb 22, 2019

She made racist comments to Burgerman2929292 Like "A black person will never be my bro" and other stuff that i cant post on tengaged.


What is

2 Jasoi, Feb 22, 2019



Pyn and I’ll tell you what fiona has..

3 sprtsgy1989, Feb 22, 2019

blitszims tells me a lot of how her friends bother her by shit talking on them to me


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0 Marktint_1, Feb 21, 2019

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President of Noob

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 3

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