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  1. BatyaI wish I could join but I am straight
  2. peace123I want to be in this
  3. christosssscan it be mean straights

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I just needa get this off my chest

2 MarieTori, Feb 19, 2018

I literally went on cam shirtless yesterday , do u know how many ppl try to hook up with me? I鈥檓 Latino, ripped, rich, and bisexual. You鈥檙e black and poor. Checkmate.
Fuck you bitch


I think I want to be in a relationship

1 KingTrav, Feb 19, 2018

I鈥檓 only happy when I鈥檓 dating a man. 馃槳 but I鈥檓 so picky and nobody wants me


Is it a coincidence that all of tengaged..

1 KingTrav, Feb 19, 2018

What鈥檚 your excuse


Told my irl friends off Saturday

3 Danger, Feb 19, 2018

For saying faggot :) I AM THAT GAY NOW!


I Just Made A Rap!

3 KingTrav, Feb 20, 2018

It is to the chiraq beat, so try to rap it to that...
Know a couple niggas,
thats down to shoot.
Got extended clips,
Knock ya out ya boots.
We hittin licks.
Bitches robbin tricks.
I done pitched a brick,
Now we livin rich....
I'm not done yet tho..
Tell me if I should make..

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