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  1. Glambert_IconHola please star me in
  2. nnewman3Please save me in stars
  3. colinabernathy13Hey! I love this entire album and film and it would mean a lot if you would vote for me to join the frat <3
  4. Tanarexix<33333
  5. DJ_MATRIXHola
  6. BrittanyNicoleGood. You?
  7. 13bamGood How about you?
  8. bbfan15Hey Friends! How is everyone?
  9. 13bamI'm hosting a Celebrity Big brother Group Game, if you want to join let me know!!!
  10. reign007please vote for me to be in the frat!!! i am very loyal and honest
  11. BrittanyNicoleYall vote for reign to join the draft! Go star her!!!
  12. BrittanyNicoleCan you help us!!!! just comment #makua. Come on. I need yall now!!!! Please
  13. SAWCHUK55imagine me not being starred in
  14. BrittanyNicoleHello everyone. My name is Brittany and I'm from texas. I'm a mommy of 5 and turn 30 next week! I made 1st place on my first game I am in final 3 of second game!!!

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Loves waking up

1 Rperduex11, Feb 22, 2020

At 2:30AM vomiting :’(

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