Fraternity Loyalty United

Loyalty United
Founded 7/29/19

• Please make sure you have everyone starred unless told otherwise
• Bullying will NOT be permitted whatsoever
• Mail me to be added to the Skype chat

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  1. NaveTreeMenY’all please star me in idk why I was remove door from this fraternity
  2. mbarnish1WHO’S THERE
  3. holllyy1230KNOCK KNOCK
  4. mbarnish1I was hacked and removed from this frat, please star me back in
  5. Akeriastar me im alrdy in the frat x
  6. LovelyKissSTAR ME IN
  7. ShaneDawson12345Thanks for the stars

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Canadian Thanksgiving

2 Thirteen, Oct 14, 2019

What is TaraG thankful for this year? Witchcraft?


The ghost of McBenjamin

2 Thirteen, Oct 15, 2019

Can you sense his presence? If you turn off all background noise you may even hear him breathing. But you will not see him.


peace123 staring out of the window

1 Thirteen, Oct 14, 2019

Will you walk by the house and see his eyes watching you? What do you believe he thinks while he looks your way?


I believe

1 Thirteen, Oct 15, 2019

that FighterMan can raise the dead.

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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