Fraternity Kitty Girls

*members get gifted*
only the best need apply. PURRFECTION

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  1. Shri_Dolphinyeah i was in the frat but i dont know what happened.
  2. PorshaWilliamsvote me in please
  3. yarnhi
  4. LittleMixhello
  5. andrewtrejo13Please put me in!!! I’m friends with friends, and jenasia so pleaseeee I’m cool, lovable, and a gay so add me :)))
  6. Shri_DolphinI’m i was in a game and heard people talking about a fraternity and I investigated and this is it. So I wanted to join. Please love me, I’m nice!
  7. Caleb9211Star me in girls
  8. friendsHummingbird I could care less about the gifts your the only that said delete can still gift you so who using who? Hypocrite
  9. Jenasia570Hey KittyGirls! I was invited by Kember to join!
  10. Hummingbird go into review mode and see how FRIENDS betrayed Kember, Cherish, and Schluffy in a fasting & read how he is only using Delete for gifts. I warned you about him yet you refuse to ask him to resign or unstar him. DONE. You allow trash garbage in frat and enable it. Its disgusting
  11. Atreyu1lol at all the drama being talked about in our fasting chatzy rn about "friends"
  12. Atreyu1Friends: I’ll probably leave it after game or stay maybe see if leader gifts me but I might get kicked out I bet lol
  13. peace123oh, im here for this
  14. andalarew_2231King back from being banned. I assumed u would be banned longer
  15. friendsThis frat a lead by a backstabber

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