Fraternity I'm Slytherin, Bitch

•As clever as the Devil and twice as pretty. Why? Because I'm Slytherin, Bitch.

•Often outnumbered but never outclassed.

•You did not wake up today to be mediocre. Remember that.

•I'm sorry, you seem to have mistaken me with someone that actually gives a shit?

•They're gonna bitch about me anyway so I might as well give them something to bitch about.

•I'm a nice person so if for some reason you don't like me... you need to give yourself a good talking to.

•I'm sorry for all the mean, awful and accurate things that I said.

•Life is going to be hard sometimes. So get the fuck up and get your shit together. You're either an ocean or a puddle. People walk through puddles like they're nothing. Oceans fucking destroy cities.

•If payback is a bitch and revenge is sweet, I'll be the sweetest bitch that you ever did meet.

•They said I couldn't. That's why I did.


Have fellow fraternity members backs in games when you can.


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Frat Game Rules (supplied by @noah_kondon):

1) Wait until the last moment seconds to make the final seat guess, and make sure we discuss and decide who's making it first.

2) Make sure to comment who you try to steal from. Whether successful or unsuccessful.

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  1. scrolldragsixI am no Officially joining Slytherin :D
  2. kyleddHi guys! Leaving my other frat because it was inactive. Noah get them to star me in. I have a Slytherin Hat, T Shirt, and Cape. I think Harry Potter is a lil bitch.
  3. tswiftlover13would love to join this frat <3
  4. LaCroixNevermind!
  5. LaCroixWas searching for a Fraternity to join and this one always came back in my mind every time. I love Harry Potter and Slytherin is my favorite house. I love everything that it says up top in the about section. I would love the opportunity to join and hopefully I can live up to the potential of this fraternity!
  6. bbbethHey, ya'll! Fellow Slytherin here! Season 1 of Beth's Big Brother is here! Semi/Non-Live Competitions Big Brother Format Played on Skype Application: Facebook Group: Applications Close: November 1st Game Starts: November 8th
  7. Kgilbert08Please star me in
  8. reign007Vote for me please Lol
  9. reign007please vote me in to ur frat!!!!!
  10. ParaloxI want to be icon
  11. TomC20Hi I wanna be a Slytherin
  13. GilsgirlHoping you let me join... I like meeting new friends
  14. AntonBHope I can join this :D
  15. _aaronmartinezfvotadme bitchs

Top blogs from I'm Slytherin, Bitch


I got in a car crash

3 SeaViper, Nov 12, 2019

I'm ok though


Hey yall

2 yachj, Nov 12, 2019



1 Tester, Nov 13, 2019

I swear to god if you think that NanoNerd and LaCroix (and me) have multis, you have problems. I've known them for a while now and I can safely say they don't have any multis. I'm so sick of people falsely accusing my friends for being/having multis. In my opinion..


If every vote was reversed (BB21)

3 noah_kondon, Nov 13, 2019

In this, I explore how BB21 would have played out if every vote was reversed, IE, the person who went home, stays and takes the place of the person who did stay.  In the event of a comeback, the person who comes back is of the same placement of the person who originally did.
Camp Director:..


I will get right on giving you info on..

1 TaraG, Nov 12, 2019


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