Fraternity Hunters

Hunters - 3/12/17

1. Don't be disrespectful!
2. Be yourself!!
3. HAVE FUN!!!

**Don't star someone in until the go-ahead is given by me!!!!!

If you'd like to be added to the skype chat, please message me.
Stars Seat Game:
Anyone can guess, but try to let others guess so you don't guess like 5 times in a row (notify the skype chat). Post what you guess in the comments. Save the last guess for the last min. Whoever steals the seat has a higher priority on being sent in.

Events in the Planning:
Ideas are welcome!

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Public Comments

  1. CheapCheepWho's there
  2. Music*knock knock*
  3. dawsonightI'm Dawson. Been on here since 2008. Have experience and if u look on my page I'm all about loyalty, I'm just looking for a frat I'm passionate about and this seems like a good fit. Please star me in and let's win some raffles
  4. Cheeseman2468please star me in guys
  5. Cheeseman2468i would appreciate it if you could star me in as i am Pizza4256 new account
  7. XxDjBeLLxXI would love to be apart of this frat <3
  8. Yellowpenguinhey guys, plz star me in <3
  9. Pizza4256plz star me in
  10. Pizza4256hey guys i hope you can star me in because im looking for a good frat and i think this one is the best
  11. tpidude73shitty frat made by a shitty person
  12. Lamiahow many days do i have to wait ?????????????
  13. washington14
  14. washington14coloca eu ai por favor!!!!
  15. Casper100Yo I definitely deserve to be in this it's gucci bro

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