Fraternity HomoErectUs

Welcome to Homo Erect Us! This is a fraternity made before fraternities existed! It is a positive space where gay males can interact, form alliances, create friendships, and feel a sense of community.

For many young boys, Tengaged provides their first opportunity to come out of the closet. This can be a difficult and confusing time, but support from peers with similar strides can ease the process.

Issues such as homophobia continues to compromise the well-being of many Tengagers. The experience of insults and harassment prevent a lot of people from self-identifying. It is important to note that homophobic slurs is a bannable offense.

Homo Erect Us allows gay and bisexual men to feel confident that their sexual and gender diversity will be respected and encouraged.

Tykeal was here 5/9/2015. Voted best president of H.E.U. by himself.

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  1. peace123maturo would be perfect for this frat
  2. Moneybags1015not gay but i love the name
  3. wahsup822Hi, I would really love to be a part of this fraternity!
  4. Darknight52I really wanna join
  5. oRxlffPlease plus!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Max92Hey guys, thought I would join :)
  7. EmnesHey guys, may I get starred in?
  8. m7md26Buried Treasure
  9. SwadlesCan you guys star me in? I was in forever ago but got kicked out because I wasn't active
  10. epicwafflez23let the Tay lover inn! :)
  11. TotallyBubblesWas a part of this group a LONG time ago. Back in the day! Just an inspiring drag queen. :D
  12. Cameron4I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm ready to spread fear
  13. Jmiller17Can I join?
  14. cgy_gayzWhat happened to this former beloved establishment.... I dont there is more then two six packs among this roster
  15. MeleanieHussI would like to join this frat?

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I Remember

10 NotAfraid, Mar 24, 2018

when Rosemulet went on cam on a group call I was on and I forget who was on it.  Anyways she was like going to finger herself and I was like I'm out and left... and I don't know if she actually did it but I was that close to being a pedophile accidentally.  Thank the lord I saved my..


If I Joined a Stars

2 NotAfraid, Mar 24, 2018

with just infamous tengaged pedophiles, myself, and some randoms no one cares about... would I finally win?
My answer is... no


I'm top trending..

3 Simplyobsessed, Mar 23, 2018

..and there is a stiff dick above me.


I'll Never Forget

2 NotAfraid, Mar 24, 2018

When my nudes were exposed on tengaged by donaam


I've Sent My Nudes

0 NotAfraid, Mar 23, 2018

And I don't regret it

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