Fraternity Hilary Duff

President: Nicknack
Vice President: Tonyalbright

get to know each other :)

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  1. Latisha0987Celebrity Survivor Immunity Challenge - 10 points
  2. nathanmbayyy, my old error 404 guys ;)
  3. 2388
  4. AshleeLohanplus this for me please!! :D
  5. nf22Love Hilary please let me in :]
  6. lexibearhillary is my queen, star me in
  7. jessbonessfucking love Hillary Duff
  8. thatgirl18Love Hilary Duff
  9. Hadistar me please, big fan of Lizzie Mcguire
  10. Brotastic67CYA HAS THE SEAT
  11. CuteBabyGirlStar me in and I'll win the stars seat game for you
  12. tenacious__tim
  13. LeonardoAngkatelvote for me please
  14. LeonardoAngkatel:)
  15. jake_WD Please tag me I really want to get back into the game :D

President of Hilary Duff

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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