Fraternity Heartbreakers 2.0

Silas come home < 3 You are missed so much and your legacy will continue here!

The Hall of Silas:
Silas' pic:
Silas' X-Mas:

RULES: Can we all follow rule #1? <3 love you all

#2 Please welcome new members with open arms <3

#3 No drama in the frat chat, if you have beef with another fratmate please msg them privately about it.

#4 Stars Seat Rules:

4a. During the Stars Seat Game, do not star in aspirants unless approved by either the president or an officer.

4b. Try to give everyone a chance to guess if possible.

4c. When it is our final guess, DON'T guess until the last minute. If the president am online during that time, the president will make the final guess. If the president is NOT online at the last minute, then anyone can make a guess.

4d. If we get the Star Seat, you will have 4 hours to decide and tell the president who goes into Stars. The president will then write that name down.

VP: No one by Alicia Keys

Administration: who?

First Lady: megzbl will resume in this position

This frat is a continuing of the Heartbreakers!

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Public Comments

  1. PlaiI would really love to be in this fraternity. Thank you loves! 馃挄
  2. tobiasbrookesHey guys... I'm the newest aspirant, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to join.
  3. caua
  4. caua Hi everyone, I joined you now and I want to make lots of money. Ha haha 鈥嬧婭 hope to join this group and kisses
  5. RobiLee
  6. FoxtrotIt's AJ/Crest
  7. FoxtrotBack for the 14th time on another account. Hi guys.
  8. RealJacksonWalshNot The Ward
  9. Icarus_MarkVote me in this poll!
  10. CrestOfLoveOops I was gone too long and get kicked out. Star me back in pls.
  11. nicknackPssst rule #1 is "that you gotta have fun" ;)
  12. KittyCupcake12354 pls vote for chazza
  13. WitZI was in the old Heartbreakers and looking to get back in :P Vicky and David please use your influence :P
  14. KittyCupcake12354Hi I was In the Old HeartBreakers Im kind of Irell but star me in Cuties
  15. IllbeurfriendI need 3 more votes to be in this frat please star me

President of Heartbreakers 2.0

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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