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Total Drama Blog Game Minisode 26

6 Bjorn, Jan 23, 2018

Chris: Marshmallow time! The first recipient of this chewy goodness is...Sierra!
Sierra; Eee!
Chris: With 0 votes, the next marshmallow goes to...Gwen!
Gwen: Alright!
Chris: With 1 vote, the next marshmallow goes to...Lindsay!
Lindsay: Thanks, Chip!
Chris: It's Chris. It's ALWAYS been Chris...


Celebirty Blog Brother Episode 5

3 Bjorn, Jan 23, 2018

By a vote of 2-2, Evel Dick AND Ed Sheeran you have been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.
Final HOH Part 1 Winner: Burger
Final HOH Part 2 Winner: Channing Tatum
Final HOH Part 3 Winner: Burger

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