Fraternity Fun with Barn

Established on Janurary 3rd, 2019
Current Frat Rank: 4th
Meet us in The Barnyard

1. We love playing frooks
2. There is a Skype chat so if I have yours I'll add you but if not post it here or have another member add you
3. We are here to have fun
4. It is 100% percent Your decision to make alliances with other frat members in games or not
5. We will try our best to star you in ASAP
6. If you ever need spam plussed or help in a poll or anything, you are ALWAYS welcome to post it in the private comments and I'm sure many others (and myself) will help you out
7. If you have any ideas to make the frat better, feel free to message me or post in the private comments
8. Please star EVERYONE in unless I state otherwise
9. The member who steals the stars seat chooses who gets sent into stars
10. You are allowed to joke around and have fun here, but please not bullying and if you have a major problem please message me


Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. supercooldrew5Greetings Fun With Barn. I really like your frat and wanted to ask you guys as a group to plus this design for me
  2. SharonMaItemsbarn logic: *gets frat* *leaves*
  3. mbarnish1love you guys
  4. DarkNarwal11been in this frat. It is actually pretty terrible
  5. BklynTracey_PETRO is a hacker be careful of him
  6. BklynTracey_ TELL HIM
  8. BklynTracey_ PLUS HIM
  9. BklynTracey_FRANKY IS LEAVING SITE ARE YOU GONNA LET HIM ???? after he gifts yall and is a tug of war rope! wake up
  10. BklynTracey_hey fam star me in
  11. CocoVanderbiltme @ you trying to throw shade at my frat
  12. Passionfruitwolf pack vs. fun with barn rivalry???
  13. DarkNarwal11i wanna have fun with barn
  14. RavenWhiteFeatherI wanna have fun in the fun barn with the barn
  15. spartagowStar me

President of Fun with Barn

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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