Fraternity #FriendsBeforeWins

PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING!! This is a drama-free zone so just leave the drama behind before you join or dont join at all. Thanks!

** If you have any questions please ask one of the CO-PRESIDENTS - Lawblondie, Krisstea, Yaddddiggz

Everyone knows the TV show friends and how much fun they have.... we also know how competitive they are with each other! If you want to join a group that puts friendship first while still having fun being competitive for the win, then join this frat and lets have fun on tengaged like it suppose to be :-)

FRAT Guidelines:

1) ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING ALLOWED!!!! Just be NICE….plain in simple. It really is just that easy. Promote being nice to everyone throughout your tengaged experience.

2) Treat all frat members with loyalty, honesty, and respect. Be NICE and respect the frat values!

3) Loyalty isn’t just about alliances! You don’t have to align just because you joined the same game. You can if you want but it is not a frat requirement. However we dont promote backstabbing just be honest with why you are making the move you are without insulting, bullying, badgering or being disrespectful! Promote kindness always.

4) Don’t be a sore loser! Winning is everyone’s goal so just be honest and respectful. If you are voted out of a game by a frat member dont be a sore loser. It is just a game, get over it, remain friends, move on and remain KIND!!!!!!

5) Don’t be bitter! No game move should ruin a friendship or cause frat removal unless you blatantly disrespect a fellow frat member.

6) Once you are starred in please blog about the frat and plus any blogs about the frat. It is time to make tengaged a better place!!! <3 <3

Please also ensure upon joining you star everyone, most importantly the president and the Advisory Board members above!

We also request before you leave the frat you inform us so we know if there was anything we could have done to keep you here. Much appreciated. Thanks for all your cooperation.


FBW Sweetheart award - KRISSTEA
Funniest FBW member - MINNIEMAX
Dynamic Duo Award - PARVATIS & IAMREMEDY
Biggest supporter of Values - LAWBLONDIE
Best Overall FBW member - TRYHARD1441 & MINNIEMAX
Smile Award - person who always makes you smile - MINNIEMAX & KRISSTEA
Friendship Award - a person you can always count on - MINNIEMAX & REDFABFOXY
Best newcomer - PAIGE4256

It was great to see so many different people nommed, we have a great group of people. (All nominee's were listed in Frat Chat)

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  1. xMountain22x:-)
  2. survivorworld33Star me please
  3. LawblondieStar me back in
  4. Minniemaxcan u guys vote me????
  5. EmberMoonJobs currently hiring just type your city for jobs in your area
  6. dogesstudiosPlease star me!
  7. justopaduPlease answer my question
  8. justopaduWhat I have to do to join with you??
  9. Shadowman PLUS THIS
  10. Minniemaxhey you guys please plus for a friend :) TYSM
  11. TrYhArD1441Hi friends :)
  12. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  13. samesoulI love friends
  14. CrayadianSophomore s no go
  15. tcold312I'm home.

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5 ParvatiS, Sep 24, 2018

11 weeks :o


Bullies don't win

2 Lawblondie, Sep 24, 2018

When will bullies learn. There is no reason to bully others. I mean if we are really moderating this site and trying to control it would prevent this. I hate seeing people leave this site, get depressed,  or even commit suicide because of this site. We can do better. We can be better humans...


I have one enormous

3 Arris, Sep 25, 2018

zit on my face that just refuses to be popped out. Disgusting :/


So Avril Lavigne

3 Arris, Sep 24, 2018

decided to become a Christian singer. Good for her!

President of #FriendsBeforeWins

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

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